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Maybe if a contestant

Aug 6, 2020 by splozojames50
imagehas a proven track record of being an ACTIVE season-ruiner, and with big brother's track record over the past decade of producing horrible season after horrible season in mind, then its safe to view them with a slight morsel of hesitation.

for me they are gonna have to prove they have changed before i start playing revisionist history to the "allstars" on this current season that were huge parts in making their seasons actively horrible

the only reason enzo didnt make a brigade 2.0 is because daniele shoo'd him out of the hoh room last night and i dont doubt he is wanting to bro down even if he is playing nice with everyone... for now


Enzo literally already been tried to buddy up to cody/tyler and they don't want him

LOL it's what he deserves
Sent by mahogany,Aug 6, 2020
Ppl here get so dramatic though its like chill. its just a reality show u know
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Aug 6, 2020
memphis_grizzlies yes i can acknowledge people can change, i am simply arguing that judging people by the empirical evidence and specific examples we have of them does not equate to "jumping to conclusions so quickly about who to support and who to not."

yes i am a reality tv fan typing with a moderately dramatic tone what an absolute shock
Sent by splozojames50,Aug 6, 2020
im not even saying you but alot of ppl here get quite edgy and way too argumentative which is just a headache to read sometimes
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Aug 6, 2020
i screenshotted that picture so youre welcome
Sent by Lemjam6,Aug 6, 2020
lemjam6 its a timeless image i appreciate it very much
Sent by splozojames50,Aug 6, 2020
dani telling tyler to go to bed was so good <3
Sent by etaco75,Aug 6, 2020

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