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The finale honestly was pretty good

1stMay 14, 2020 by splozojames50
imageand gripping but my main criticism is that the show really wanted to have its cake and eat it too. They purposely edited the merge as an incoherent mess with no storyline, no alliances, no bonds that served more than plot devices for the entire first half of the merge when in reality a tight nit alliance ran the entire merge.

Yet at the last second all of a sudden this group is SUCH a TIGHT alliance that all loves each other and grew as people and are falling on their swords and bawling their eyes out at the thought of their last member fighting on for them. they want the payoff without laying the GROUNDWORK to make it REALLY have an impact

an example of this done RIGHT is Ausvivor 2016. All the #BIGMOVE ppl complain that the merge was "boring" well guess what this is the alternative huns a complete mess where the ending and the (lack of) story dont make ANY sense together. I will ALWAYS call ausvivor 2016's finale "Survivor: The Movie" because it truly was a cinematic experience that WRAPPED the season up in the perfect way and made me cry twice. THIS finale COULD HAVE been on that level (with less iconic people but still) but the way it was SHOEHORNED really diminished what could have been a MUCH more powerful impact.


please need some support!
Sent by JohnPigeon,May 14, 2020
yeah it's pretty clear that the sophie/ben/sarah/tony alliance was very tight and worked with peripheries nick/denise/kim/jeremy whenever necessary (until tony sniped sophie out) and if they had edited it that way it would've been coherent. like there no point in chaso if i cant follow the damn story
Sent by Lachie227,May 14, 2020
lachie227 yep yep yep you cant follow the damn story and i think this season in particular highlights why that is such a huge problem because the finale could have had SUCH a bigger emotional payoff but they prioritized big moves over it (unlike ausvivor 2016 which people called the merge boring because the editors prioritizes those things more)

the current direction of survivor pisses me off! praying tar doesnt flop horribly in the fall xx
Sent by splozojames50,May 14, 2020
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Sent by TheGoodMan,May 14, 2020
Thats because Aus2016's final 3 were good/empathetc people. Sara Denise & Ben dont have empathy
Sent by Akeria,May 14, 2020
I think the big alliance was pretty relevant from the beginning, although the mayhem was accurate though because it showed in the tribal councils, so you can't say that the editors edited it to make it look crazy, when in fact it was..... like the edit was legit, michelle's group was on the bottom from the second tribal of merge then on....
Sent by Itzy,May 14, 2020
Aus survivor 2016 finale is a game changer episode.
Sent by sihz,May 14, 2020
itzy yes there may have been disfunction when it came to getting the votes through but the edit did a HORRIBLE job at setting up the social bonds between the alliance and plopped the big personal moments onto us at the very last second which severely hindered the PAYOFF it could have had

and i do stand behind that MANY of those dysfunctional votes were a case of the editors purposely blindsiding the audience instead of the majority of the players being genuinely shocked. the storytelling was absolutely atrocious this season compared to a season that MASTERFULLY conveyed its cast as an ENSEMBLE (besides tegan but her utr-ness is iconic) and with similar emotional moments in the finale the payoff was INCREDIBLE to the point where its the ONLY survivor episode to ever make me cry and it made me cry TWICE.

akeria i agree the ausvivor cast was (edited to be) a MUCH better cast than all winners of survivor us and thats sad! denise and ben also suck so i mean the argument for the editors not having that great material to work with is absolutely there
Sent by splozojames50,May 14, 2020
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