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  1. Tamar and Kandi's offscreen drama <<<<
  2. That bb premiere
  3. holy shit @ kingdom hearts 3 visuals
  4. WOW @ tvmuse
  5. I think after the past few days
  6. LMAO @ Eva Marie on celeb bb
  7. sigh @ masked singer
  8. oh WOW @ 1800 contacts
  9. I have not been this satisfied
  10. The Santa-Cratic Oath
  11. I can say with 100% confidence
  12. a MUST WATCH lolzy reality show
  13. l m a o @ bryce
  14. Damn this offseason
  15. ALSO, with the stress this season
  16. idk what it is
  17. which reality show "curse" is your fave?
  19. interesting strategy session...
  20. Reality tv gem ive discovered recently
  21. this is the first ep ive seen since the merge..
  22. Just saw the new
  23. The number of hype trains
  24. what amazes me most
  25. wait hold on
  26. thank you Lord Sugar
  27. Im in my first castings in years
  28. speaking of Amazing Race
  29. Amazing Race will NOT die
  30. I feel like the last 5 pre-tribal
  31. Top 3 Apprentice UK 14 creative ideas
  32. wow @ the finebros copying kaceytron
  33. wow @ the level of trolls on here nowadays
  34. imagine
  35. My favorite part of the apprentice UK
  36. [#1] Top 10 gifs saved on my computer
  37. Top 10 gifs saved on my computer
  38. [#2] Top 10 gifs saved on my computer
  39. Any apprentice uk fans?
  40. [#3] Top 10 gifs saved on my computer

I may or may not

Sep 6, 2018 by splozojames50
have the lowest expectations for this survivor season ever coming into a season (even lower than post south pacific) but damn the cast pic with the cowgirl hat lady flicking off the camera is just too fucking funny LOL

its a shame she will probably get an intro confessional or two about her job and then promptly be ignored the whole season, and if she somehow isnt ignored all her content will be her talking about the stupid season theme and/or her finding an advantage - aka forcing the editors to give her the bare minimum situational content to make way for the people making #bigmoves and/or alpha males

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