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  1. ugh yes
  2. well now that pirates of the carribean
  3. LMAO @ pirates of the carribean
  4. im SOOOOO shook right now
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  6. The breakout reality tv season of the year
  7. Let me stop you right there
  8. we really do live in a world
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  11. omg theres 30 minutes of kingdom hearts
  12. For everyone not getting their FIX
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  15. amazon has officially peaked
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  18. queen.
  19. imagine thinking
  20. WOW @ the challenge
  21. Queen Becky G strikes again
  22. And just like that Amazing Race
  23. Anyone Remember the show
  24. Just binged The Legend of Korra
  25. Caught up on survivor
  26. I have not watched one minute of
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  29. my biggest issue with zwoop
  30. For the first time since BB11
  31. WOW @ the Amazing Race finale
  32. im watching the tar finale
  33. im in AWE
  34. i never considered myself a coffee person
  35. Single favorite reality tv episode?
  36. Was anyone else in middle school
  37. less than a week
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  39. gottem
  40. Prayer circle

Just caught up on Amazing Race in time

May 31, 2017 by splozojames50
whew those last 3 eps were all solid

ugh @ Tara and Joey's inevitable win. The ONLY hope is from the final montage where joey was like "we never fight and complaing" *clip to them fighting* like god i cant stand them. so entitled and they act like they are above the "playing dirty". They uturned TWICE when neither instance was necessary and then yap incessantly when brooke and scott dont help them when they are the only team behind them. Then joey yaps incessantly about the gamer not handing tara the win like HELLO. The absolute hypocrisy @ them ACTUALLY playing dirty when it WASNT necessary vs others "playing dirty" during fight for survival mode is just ugh.

Flo's IMPACT with the vietnam legs tho < 3 I was getting flashbacks of her meltdown at the train station when the teams were booking the buses and then the fishtrap task is one of the most iconic TAR tasks ever ugh yes.

Brooke being an absolute star every time she is on the screen < 3 If scott would stop talking theyd be a top tier team (although they are VERY close to it). also i was DYING @ london just BUTTON MASHING with a zombie face of concentration during street fighter L M A O

#TheAmazingRace #TAR29


I can't stand Brooke she whines about everything it is so annoying
Sent by Matt64,May 31, 2017
matt64 her brand of whining is the best part about her < 3 shes the second coming of the LEGENDARY FLO < 3
Sent by splozojames50,May 31, 2017
lmao I love your use of the word yap. So rare.

And lol yeah I always wonder if the foreign people feel pressured to go easy when they compete against racers. Sometimes I feel like they stop trying so hard (like when london won). Surprised you don't appreciate Scott's meltdowns. I think they are gold together. They ARE top tier.
Sent by Timster,Jun 1, 2017
timster i like scott's meltdowns, what i dont like about him is when he thinks hes being all cute breaking the third wall with the camera. like if he thinks hes hot shit (the trolly task) he will look at the camera all like "fuck yea" or when hes with brooke and over it he will like detach himself from the situation and be all catty with the camera as if hes above her since he knows shes the mess of the team. its a bit subtle but like those sort of arrogant-tinged moments are annoying from him.

also when he talked about alliances it made me cringe like gurl this aint big brother, social ties are a part of it and i get that we dont see what happens during navigation and they might have bonded/helped each other more than we saw but like ENOUGH. on the bonus clip of him and brooke on the final matt he was talking as if he just won big brother like damn
Sent by splozojames50,Jun 3, 2017

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