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Watching the last TAR episode

0 Timster, May 27, 2017

Before they are caught up. splozojames50 did you CREAM at the kpop girls dancing outside in formation?? I will look @ ur comment on my other blog when I'm done watching. I can tell this episode will be fun.
Speaking of fun RIP team fun. I had tears in my eyes watching them go home :( it was so sad. #tar29


There have been a LOT of dysfunctional

4 Timster, May 26, 2017

Bickering teams but is there a chance Brooke and Scott are in the top 5 most messy m/f team of all time? The way Brooke has a complete MELTDOWN iber the simplist things makes me laugh so hard. I love them. splozojames50 please don't murk me with m/f teams from 1-15 that were more messy.
Since they made it so far obviously they aren't absolutely AWFUL but they tend to escape just because other teams made a big miss steak.


The Amazing Race 12 Ep 3 Rankings

1 BritishRomeo17, Apr 30, 2017

I'm binge watching it, I just finished episode 3, here are my rankings
1) Ron/Christina
2) Kynt/Vyxsin
3) Azaria/Hendekea
4) Shana/Jennifer
5) TK/Rachel
6) Nicholas/Donald
7) Lorena/Jason
8) Nate/Jennifer


TAR29 is so good

2 Timster, Apr 22, 2017

The dynamics between all these strangers being partners is so fun to watch. They need to continue with this format if the show isn't cancelled.  #TAR29


The Amazing Race 29 Predictions!

0 Obstreperous, Apr 7, 2017

11th place: Kevin & Jenn
10th place: Jessie & Francesca
9th place: Michael & Liz
8th place: Tara & Joey
7th place: Shamir & Sara
6th place: Vanck & Ashton
5th place: Matt & Redmond
4th place: Brooke & Scott
3rd place: Becca & Floyd
2nd place: Seth & Olive
1st place: London & Logan


The full TAR cast as individuals

2 Timster, Mar 17, 2017

since this season is random pairs. Here's a video if you stan police officers & basic Becky's. This cast looks meh to me. splozojames50 idk if ur still a fan or a fake fan. I hate how they focus so much on careers. They act like your career defines you as a person and then people play into that role and it's so annoying. Anyways I like Francesca the drill sergeant. She looks like a bitch!  #tar29

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