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Why I should win BBUK 2017-Summer Of Secrets

Jul 19, 2017 by solesurvivor11
This is my speech:
The aim of big brother is to avade nomination and eviction and win by mainipulating, lying and socialising.
I have played a very strong game.

I have only been nominated twice. The first time I was nominated was at the first nominations, where I was an easy target after creating drama on the first night with someone I truly loathed.
This target went up for eviction with me, and thanks to you guys I got the most votes out of all nominees facing eviction. This was because I started strong, creating drama- but I also appeared kind and likeable as I solidified relationships with other houseguests.
When I started drama yet again, I was secure- with my Allie now the power Housemat- voted it by the other houseguests. Then, I had more power, by mainipulating a popular player (my friend Jerry) he spread the word to eliminate Emily. She was nominated.
Jerry formed a showmance with my other ally Daphne. In face to face nominations, she nominated me. I recieved only two nominations. I targeted her, exerting pressure and drama to the point that she, my biggest threat, walked after the eviction of the girl I hated Emily.

Following this, I formed a strong alliance with a dependable player, Nicole. Who had a lot of power.
Nicole didn't nominate me, and put up who I said.
As I survived week by week, the person making big moves, my ally Nicole faced eviction. I kept saying her.
I was loyal. However, Jerry still remained and was the one making killer moves against me.
In my final blow, me and Nicole persuaded the others to put Jerry up against a more likeable player, Logan.
Then, Jerry was evicted before the finale.
(Chanelle, a girl I started drama with after she got more and more power was also evicted shortly after we started drama).

Essentially, you should vote for me because I was strategic, fun and social.
Vote for me here:

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