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Apr 26, 2017 by solesurvivor11
Eighteen days, twenty people, three evictions. There's so much to discuss!
Julie: Hello Viewers.We will kick today off with the introduction of THE THREE EVICTEES!
Please welcome Neda!
Neda: Hi Julie!
Julie: What was it like inside the house?
Neda: It was such an adrenaline rush. It's​ so much fun. The experience is to DIE for.
Julie: How did you feel when you were nominated? And also, do you dislike Nikki for your eviction/ Nomination?
Neda: I do Blane Nikki's informal and idiotic gameplay for my eviction. When I was NOMINATED I was in shock, I wasn't ready to go.
Julie: How did you feel upon eviction?
Neda: Upset and distressed.
Julie: Who do you want to win. Who do you think will win?
Neda: I want Vanessa to win. I think Janelle may win.
Julie: Thanks Neda
Neda: It is okay.

Julie: Please welcome FRANK!
Frank: Hey Julie.
Julie: How did you feel upon eviction?
Frank: I was upset, but I saw it coming.
Julie: In heighnsight would you side with Nikki again.
Frank: No. I only did that because I thought she'd keep me safe.
Julie: Who you want to win? Who do you think will work.
Frank: I think Janelle will win, but I want Donny to win.
Julie: Thanks for this.

Julie: Please welcome SINDY!
Sindy: Hi!
Julie: How did you feel when you got sent home?
Sindy: Totally blindsided. As far as I knew, Danielle would be going home. I was shocked and devastated.
Julie: Do you like Janelle?
Sindy: Of course, I want her to win .
Julie: Who do you think will win?
Sindy: Cassandra. Maybe Donny.
Julie: Thanks for that.
So now we've heard from our Evictees let's look at the polls. The public was asked to vote for they're favourite players! The Lucky 7 are here!
7- McRea- 3.5%
6- Davonnne-4.5%
5- Cassandra-5%
4- Caleb- 7%
3- Vanessa -10%
2- Janelle- 15%
1- Donny- 20%
Julie: So Donny is leading with the most votes. The HOH competition this week was to win the most votes, so Donny will have the most power.

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