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15thSep 3, 2011 by sam_cutie567
It just sucks when I played my hardest, and then one of your rather friends get to spam you out? You know that, I mean I wouldn't trade that for anything and all. I mean, I carried you like up from here and all, and then you go do that? I'm sorry but I think I deserve finals because I've played one heck of a game, which never came into fruition due to that :/
I mean, atleast I have my friends and all and I did play a very good game, and it is shown alot, and I play fair, do I ask people to save me? NO. I was legitimately surprised to beat Mangos and Peetah and all, I love all the supporters, It's just that the time I needed it most, it just left me UNFULFILLED and all. I've put hours and hours to work the votes and all that happened
I knew some of you hate me for beating Mangos and Peetah but I didn't want to be put up with them, I fucking did drama and all, and all that get to them was like "paranoia" and then I come in this and see I got spammed out? THAT'S BULLSHIT. :/ I didn't deserve that treatment, especially, not by my "friend", sorry >.>
I did my best and all, and it just feels so BITTER to go out like this, I mean fine if people fairly decided, but not like this =/ I'm so sorry I have to bolt out like this, but I guess it's just not kewl :]
I love all of the support guys, and it really came to me that I feel LOVED around here and all the players that I've played with in the past and in stars, I mean I milked it - I know most of you are gonna be MY FRIENDS and all and thank you for all the support
I mean, without you, I'd probably just be someone who's gonna go out, but I must say I can be a CLASS ACT because I didn't lose friendship and all, despite of all the lies, because friendship is the one thing I wanna keep and my dream is just ACCEPTANCE
Thank you :)


plz plus and pyn to enter a gift givaway
Sent by SweetBlossomrose1,Sep 3, 2011
SAM <33333333333 :( xxxxxx
Sent by Joee323,Sep 3, 2011
He is no friend. He only started talking to me again to get my support
You should've stayed
Sent by andychuck08,Sep 3, 2011
SAM <3333333333333333333333
Sent by itsohsobjork,Sep 3, 2011
+11 <3
Sent by taylor112399,Sep 3, 2011
u slept till final 4 :/
Sent by DiNoM,Sep 3, 2011
Sam I saved you because you are an awesome person and I'm glad you made it really far <3333
Sent by snowflake3,Sep 3, 2011
I'm glad you finally got to play. You should more often!
Sent by Scheuerman14,Sep 3, 2011
It's my only chance T.T
I'm not getting gold in like another year or so T.T
Sent by sam_cutie567,Sep 3, 2011
he sucks, you rock
Sent by cheznahuf,Sep 3, 2011
I slept? I mean really? I actually wanted to post my game but it doesn't matter, IT TAKES SKILL to not be nommed for so long then YOU'RE SAYING I SLEPT? I may be gone for 10 hours or so but y'know the conditions in here that week? -.- AND I WORKED THOSE TIMES I'm online so what is the difference with just being on for a few hours but working yourselves and being ONLINE and nothing is fruitful?
Sent by sam_cutie567,Sep 3, 2011
awwww :'(
I guess there are what you call true friends and all <3
My true friends probably are everyone evicted + danny and conna T.T
awww guys <3
Sent by sam_cutie567,Sep 3, 2011
not your fault that you beat eugene and peetah, and im sorry you lost to shab :/. great game <33
Sent by titan24maniac,Sep 3, 2011
1. I didnt spam you out
2. I still wanna be your friend
3. I never told anyone to vote for me I asked 10 ppl how they voted!
4. No offence but you didnt carry me threw the game, if anything I carried you!
Sent by Shabootyquiqui3,Sep 4, 2011

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