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3rdJan 1, 2020 by paul028
imageI REALLY GOT NOMINATED AGAIN WHY! Nominated for a 4TH TIME! This DC we worked really hard to pull a move over however once again a few people decided to stick with the multis.... And it got them nominated Yikes! Tengaged I really am trying my HARDEST to play the game good and it's just really hard i hope you can save me for a 4th time because i'd really hate to leave this early after everything thats happened!

I hate slamming the person I'm nominated against because everyone plays the game however they want, BUT if someone coninuely kept keeping a person with multis in the game in control... They deserve to go home. CrimsonEnnui, Typhlosion37, Girllover101, DavidM7 didnt fall for this to happen!


Sent by krissin,Jan 1, 2020
i am supporting you for the win.
Sent by LiukBB,Jan 1, 2020
saved you
Sent by Cadden,Jan 1, 2020
I hope you win omg
Sent by Girllover101,Jan 1, 2020
Gonna save till you win.
Sent by Eclipse9,Jan 1, 2020

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