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Im just a fat FUCKvote Oct 25, 2021
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At This Point Trixvote Oct 25, 2021
The dolls are the dolls…
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NURSE!vote Oct 25, 2021
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While We’re At It… Sep 27, 2021
shawnpat7 do you have anything to say for yourself? While you never sent me nudes, you fully were begging me to move in with you and fuck you on the regular fully knowing I was 15-16 at the time and enticing me with shirtless pics…ironically you two started dating after you moved on from me, comical.
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Im Just Gonna Keep It Real Sep 27, 2021
Because I’ve been quiet about this out of fear. jbc8 you literally sent me nudes when i was 16. No, I’ve never lied about my age here like you claimed when people confronted you about it.

I’ve gone to the mods about this but it happened on snap so I don’t have concrete proof to warrant a ban.
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✭Platinum #90✭ Aug 14, 2021
Thanks to everyone who has helped along the journey especially my bff tonyalbright who just bought Holographica and got into the HOF ❤️. Here’s to attempting to get all the color levels hehe.

rebelman2227 please correct me if I’m incorrect on the number in title.
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