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  1. I exposed them all. I won.
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  3. Horny and craving
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  14. a classic priced cheap.
  15. It's almost 2020
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  17. not trying to be sexist or anything
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  20. imagine having Mr Tatz as a teacher
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  24. Guess the Tengager
  25. Are you supporting me in stars
  26. I am never leaving tengaged
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  29. I request friendship
  30. OMG I AM IN TOP 100!!!!
  31. You have no friends irl
  32. I guess it’s time....
  34. oh all my blogs got -15d
  35. I wouldn't join if I were you
  36. if this blog gets 200 points
  37. LMAO, you got scammed! xD
  38. Hey, I am flippy from Toontown!
  39. Matthew09 needs to be President
  40. Julie Bullock is better

List of people who ruined television

Nov 11, 2019 by maturo

David Henrie
Elias Harger
Bryce Harper
Seamus from Family Guy
The Michelin Man
Henry from Thomas & Friends

Both Olson twins
Angela “Rockstar” Lantry
Davonne Rogers
Trina Vega
Mrs. Potato Head
Kate Upton


Wait why David Henrie???
Sent by Anas,Nov 11, 2019
LOL I have to agree with the zinger part
Sent by Hisoka,Nov 11, 2019
David Henrie
Sent by Electric,Nov 11, 2019
Sent by M_Davis1998,Nov 11, 2019
Angela “Rockstar” Lantry
Davonne Rogers

i disagree with these options maturo
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Nov 11, 2019
Da’Vonne is the queen of reality tv, how dare you
Sent by Russell11,Nov 11, 2019
Coming from someone who has Jessica Graf on their profile, I already know we shouldn’t go there russell11
Sent by maturo,Nov 11, 2019
maturo what do you have against me <3 I thought we were good?
Sent by Zinger,Nov 11, 2019

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