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i wish i had friends

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A tengaged girlvote Nov 14, 2018
Just stripped for me on cam

Guess who for a gift
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anybody wanna be #2 friends?vote Nov 14, 2018
my old one is a catfish and hasn't replied on skype in hours
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PYN for an opinionvote Nov 14, 2018
I am in a very bad mood right now so I will be brutally honest.

Thumper91 - By far the most genuine person on this website. I know you hear that a lot but I have never met someone with so much patience and respect for someone regardless if they know them or not. You are amazing, never change!

EliOrtiz1234 - You're supposed to be my best friend but lately it just seems like we aren't that. You know you are one of the greatest people to ever come into my life and I don't want to lose that but it just seems like you don't care!

EmzThorne - We were good friends back in the multi days until mods came back and you kinda turned against me but I am really glad we are friends again! Thank you for everything you do from talking to me to designing things for me!

Fighterman - I remember when you were an irrel noob and we had the late night crew but wow that was iconic... So glad to see you have come a long way and turned into a really respectful vet. I like you and think you are funny and a good guy! Sorry about our past, I wish it didn't have to take a tumble like it did :x

ItsAlexia - Same as the one above. Minus you weren't in the late night crew. You and I have had a rocky past but I am glad we are friends now and I hope it stays that way!

Delete2544 - Honestly you and I have known each other before I even met Eli... I remember us having to talk through emails because your parents didn't let you have a skype LOL but you are the coolest guy I have ever met and I am pretty happy to be your friend. You are someone I can turn to always when the going gets tough.

Vegaway - I am sorry for being so rude, I should have gotten to know you before judging you because of where you are from. Hopefully we can speak soon.

MarieEve - I know you from AJ and he has always said great things. We haven't really had a true conversation but I hope we can one day!

lexeyjane - We met 2 days ago and people already think we are dating LOL but I am happy we have became so close in so little time and I hope that we stay friends for a long while!

JonMcGillis - You're so funny... I don't know you too well but your blogs are top notch.. and thats coming from the 2nd best blogger on tengaged!

Philip13 - You are a funny kid. I don't know what to make of that though. You are pretty weird but we all are, its tengaged! I'm sorry we didn't talk as much as I promised but hopefully we can get around to it soon!

pinkiepie512 - Your tape for YouTube survivor was hilarious and you just seem like a really funny person! I know a lot of people will be like "oh its a girl time for joe to be thirsty" but you really are so funny and seem like a wicked positive person. I don't remember if I even responded to you, if I didn't then I am sorry or if you didn't then step it up girl!!!!

Passionfruit - Glad ur finally becoming relevant and people can see what I have seen for as long as I have known you! You're a funny guy and I love going on call and snapping you 100 times a day. Cant wait for the tg meet up ;)

paige54 - Your humor matches mine in a similar way and I think thats why we get along so well. You don't let anything bother you and you just like to joke about almost everything. Keep doing you :)

thesexiestdude990 - Playing stars with you is crazy and I think you could say the same about me but like outside the game, you are an incredible guy and I have nothing but respect for you. You know you can always message me or call me or whatever if you need to talk because I know you were there for me when I needed you way back yonder.

Boneworks - You are such a great guy and we go way way way way way back. I just wish we didn't have a certain someone in our stars game so we could've slayed together with no problem. Like I said, I won't let a game jeopardize a friendship and we both agree with that statement!

xrachel - idk you aside from the fact you voted me out of survivor a long time ago but hey... you could be a queen in disguise for all i know :')

cheeseman2468 - We don't talk that much aside from the whole spam for spam thing but I think you are a great guy and I hope to get to know you more!

firewolf - You are a nice guy. Can't remember the last time we spoke though. Don't let these idiots get you down though, I constantly see you upset and I don't like it!

jourdanbabyxoxo - ugh yes queen!!! You're amazing and I respect you so much! You are always so positive about everything and I love that. Everyone needs queen jourdan in their life or else it will just be a disappointment :O
Points: 212 33 comments
does anybody on tengaged wants to date me?vote Nov 14, 2018
Points: 40 4 comments
Honestlyvote Nov 14, 2018
I am Jacob deGrom winning the Cy Young with 29/30 votes aquamarine
Points: 10 1 comments
finish making the designs for me pls :(vote Nov 14, 2018
Points: 10 3 comments