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  1. Last chance to g4g with me
  2. Just bought ts
  3. Buying ts later
  4. While I was disconnected from
  5. rly, admin?
  6. when bae sends you cute mail <333
  7. pyn and ill mail you a bannable word
  8. I just got this mail from admin...
  9. I just reported
  10. i feel like calling
  11. omg sorry guys my laptop died
  12. its not fun to argue with jenzie anymore
  13. if u were actually a female
  14. Just got a visit from a genie
  15. Poll
  16. Really, anthousai?
  17. with the amount of gays on this website
  18. WAIT
  19. ok i know i went off on u earlier
  20. just bought 300$ worth of ts
  22. I have some explaining to do...
  23. also if we are banning multis now
  24. what should I do today?
  25. save me in stars for more movie spoilers...
  26. how does one unblock someone
  27. Already have my tuxedo on
  28. in honor of Mookie Betts hitting for the cycle
  30. 5 facts about me
  31. I may have got 6th
  32. im gonna be nominated in stars tomorrow
  33. Top 10 Male Artists
  34. Hey!
  35. I totally used multis
  36. Me getting multied out
  37. Also ty for the save
  38. Thanks for the save!
  39. Heard I’m getting multied out
  40. Can’t wait to work until day change


Aug 8, 2018 by maturo
admin I was banned for telling people to kill themselves straight away yet dav_o_79 made fun of my depression by bringing overdosing into it and he threatened to blow allison's brains out and he is still here........
here's proof if you need it

so like whens he getting banned?


He’s gay..
Sent by Danny12,Aug 8, 2018
Should have nothing to do with it considering danielkennedy111 is too and he got banned? danny12
Sent by maturo,Aug 8, 2018
As Bl*ck Dav's PR manager I'd like to make it clear to Admin that my client was referring to Flintstone Vitamins when he told maturo to "swallow a bunch of pills" and simply meant shooting a load of s*minal fluid on Allison's face as he has a particular fondness for white men, especially when they degrade him

I hope you see that none of this is bannable and my client is innocent!
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 8, 2018
That’s terrible. A ban is in order
Sent by Blitszims,Aug 8, 2018
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Aug 8, 2018
Sent by Blitszims,Aug 8, 2018
Sent by Allison,Aug 8, 2018

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