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I honestly

Feb 13, 2019 by koolness234
Feel like I am a very underrated Hunger Player I almost always get single digits and more often than not get payouts, I have 3 Hunger wins and in those wins I think I had a total of like 8xp max. I am the bush sitting queen, and will bat my eyes on 30 health all game while everyone is busy fucking each other over, and then when it is down to like final 6 pop out and corn sit


I don鈥檛 dare play hunger 馃拃
Sent by SaskiaRae,Feb 13, 2019
saskiarae we should hve a mean girls one soon
Sent by koolness234,Feb 13, 2019
How do I say this without it being rude lol

Dont u literally join with 12/30 of the cast in your frat premade any time u play hunger?
Sent by zakisaboss,Feb 13, 2019
Sent by DaddyDev,Feb 13, 2019
daddydev zakisaboss

Um multiple games I have won was without a premade I think 1 I won had a premade in it.

And this is going back long before I even had a frat, Also you joining 15 frook with the same premade over and over again and still talk about how you are good at frooks?

Also kinda hard not to join with the same people when you are limited to one or two cycles with how long they take to fill, shame frooks isnt that way
Sent by koolness234,Feb 13, 2019
that's me except i just enroll and never look at the game again
Sent by Zuelke,Feb 13, 2019
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 13, 2019
Also I got 2nd in the 2nd ever Hunger Games on the site before most people even where on the site, any more questions?
Sent by koolness234,Feb 13, 2019
u making excuses to zakisaboss when u literally join whenever wes says "hey anyone wanna play hunger" i...
Sent by peace123,Feb 13, 2019
peace123 Funny didnt see him in my last Hunger, where I got 5th or other Hunger before that when I played with him, and if you look at all my hungers youll find that wes in maybe i like 5 out of how many ive played on the site....
nice try Joanne but you missed your sej ult
Sent by koolness234,Feb 13, 2019
LOL I rly wasnt trying to be rude but anytime I've seen u in hunger that's been the case.
Also dont join with the same premade tho, I just have alot of allies. They dont all get along so it's not like 1 giant ass alliance working together every frooks. But tea maybe I was a bit of a hypocrite.
Sent by zakisaboss,Feb 13, 2019
Patiently waiting on your mail tbh
Sent by zakisaboss,Feb 13, 2019
zakisaboss I mean ive played like over 40 Hungers and had a premade maybe in like 6 of them.

Just saying ive yet to see you ever join a frooks without knowing like 4 or 5 allies in the cast
Sent by koolness234,Feb 13, 2019
i have never seen a frooks in the last 3 months that zakisaboss +friends were not in
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 13, 2019
lemjam6 tea
Sent by koolness234,Feb 13, 2019 the last game I played eli and dev joined in a huge premade that I took out vlad21 was my closest ally and we worked together for the first time that game.

I also have at least 4 people who will nom me over anybody else in the cast every game

Sent by zakisaboss,Feb 13, 2019
lemjam6 koolness234
Sent by zakisaboss,Feb 13, 2019
zakisaboss because you trying to say I only do well in games because of premades is a little problematice when you always join in them
Sent by koolness234,Feb 13, 2019
I dont join in premades omgggggg
Sent by zakisaboss,Feb 13, 2019
Sent by Zenbarbie,Feb 13, 2019
zakisaboss same never heard of them
Sent by koolness234,Feb 13, 2019

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