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  1. I find it really difficult
  2. Apparently
  3. Wow I’m about
  4. 13 indictments with probably more to come
  5. Why are people
  6. I honestly feel unsafe
  7. Honestly the best
  8. Whose
  9. Join hunger gals
  10. I will stay smoking
  11. Also
  12. I come
  13. Grays sister
  14. Spam that link one more time
  15. I am not a fan of this new Snapchat update
  16. People
  17. So what is all this drama
  18. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #1
  19. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #2
  20. Is it bad
  21. Lmao
  22. I have been doing
  23. Because I really hope
  24. So since
  25. For instance
  26. I have been researching
  27. For those who care
  28. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #3
  29. Anyone
  30. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #4
  31. Legit
  32. When
  33. None of the new comps
  34. I am loving
  35. I went 8-2
  36. To be honest
  37. Excuse me
  38. Who wants to come to the wedding
  39. I wonder
  40. Good thing


Feb 1, 2018 by koolness234
First of all this list is completely my opinion remember that before you decide to get your pitchforks out. I will not be including myself on this list even though I did win in 2017 :).Sorry for the delay school is fucking me in the anus.

Ethan000 Let me first say if I took into account 15 people stars then wannabeefriends would have been placed somewhere in top 5 of this list. I am not trying to take anything away from his unnominated run however it is hard for me to gauge 15 people stars but anyways congrats. Ethan managed not only to go unnominated in a cast of relatively good game players but beat a super flavor in bigmamat flavors are hard to overcome and most of the times going unnominated will not even net you win. Somehow thought ethan000 was not only able to play a very strategic game but also manage to take out a popularity flavor threat that he created. This is one of the hardest feats to accomplish so that coupled with going unnominated is why he made it this high on the list. The only criticism I have about this win does not even fall with ethan000 but mainly 2beastly who seemed to just throw the win to ethan000 and not even try in the poll but if you watched tbb2 you know Steve almost always makes highly questionable gameplay choices so this was to be expected. 



but if you watched tbb2 you know Steve almost always makes highly questionable gameplay choices so this was to be expected. 

Sent by Rocker917,Feb 1, 2018
My win was the only one not decided by multis.
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Feb 1, 2018
aw thanks <3 Me @ neg day though
Sent by Ethan000,Feb 2, 2018
That Stars was a travesty and I will never speak of it again
Sent by BigMamaT,Feb 2, 2018

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