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  1. new challenges > old challenges
  2. So I finished Kaoh Rong
  3. An even more iconic scenario
  4. omg i love an iconic ep of survivor
  5. ok im sure i was ranked 355th or something few..
  6. +3 for frookies
  7. what season should I watch next out of these?
  8. Can an american explain
  9. Go out and vote
  10. wow an actual filling frookies
  11. anyone wanna fill that frooks with me?
  12. Did Kelly really gave Sandy up?
  13. omg that ep
  14. downloading charmed new ep
  15. I cant @ producers
  16. y r only 4 people trending
  17. Sad
  18. Enough of the riddles, the ruckus, the rhymes
  19. Fastings is actually the most played tg game
  20. robbed king 4th at fastings
  21. Ive been wanting to play a frookies lately
  22. The kid thing fine it happens
  23. My new fave video on the internet
  24. People need to realize that
  25. Btw was Lady Gaga in the audience last night?
  26. I think Christopher went off script there
  27. Just sayin
  30. Any stream
  31. How many hours
  32. Faves per seasons of those i watched
  33. Can you vote for AFP on messenger bot
  34. Lowkey rooting for Tyler to win HoH
  35. Am I the only one
  36. So I think
  37. did bb start?
  38. This is the first time
  39. is bb in 48 mins?
  40. Inb4 Angela booed

I'm gonna say it right now

Sep 20, 2018 by joe1110
Picking Tyler over Angela will probs lose Kaycee the whole game #bb20

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