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  1. Gosh this cast is crazy
  2. Wait
  3. Finished Survivor Marquesas
  4. Did Anthony really quit or
  5. I love Tom
  6. Is it 1 hour 36 minutes or 2 hours 36 minutes
  7. well thats not rly fair
  8. Can anyone provide me
  9. I CAN'T
  10. Is it 1 hour 38 minutes or 2 hours 38 minutes
  11. i just realized
  12. Ok I know more than one person so thats cool
  13. how much until cast reveal?
  14. Do we still not know
  15. Whats with all the frookies today?
  16. Look at the views LOL
  17. When are CBBUS2 and Survivor 38 casts
  18. :)
  19. Finished Millennial vs. Gen X
  20. If I were to watch any of these
  21. Finished Survivor Tocantins
  22. would anyone share cbs all access
  24. The Voice Finale Ranking & Predictions
  25. Survivor is not a fun game anymore
  26. omg amazing ep and editing
  27. ugh fuck off country people
  28. The Voice Top 8 Performances My Ranking
  29. cryin why cant i find new the voice ep
  30. Its pretty worrysome
  31. why is no one joining my supertribe
  32. Spot the liar (joe1110 4-3 votes OUT)
  33. Why do british people here
  34. Oh Gabby </3
  35. am i the only one not pissed
  36. The Voice Top 10 Performances My Ranking
  37. DvsG odds of winning f8 rank
  38. join froks ppl
  39. What I don't understand is how can Jeff
  40. Carlson: Sarah Grace moves on

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Gosh this cast is crazyvote Jan 23, 2019
Last year we had more fans which made them play more like actual casts, this year we got crazy people, and so far it aint that good cs feels like only 4-5 people are playing the game #cbbus2
Points: 48 2 comments
Waitvote Jan 23, 2019
How does Kato have a veto?
Points: 15 2 comments
Finished Survivor Marquesas vote Jan 23, 2019
Ok for an early season this wasnt that bad. It was predictable at times, but the whole finish was not as predictable, so in general it was ok.

As the F2 goes, it was fine but Kathy was robbed. In F2 I wasn't sure who I'm rooting for before FTC, felt like Vecepia had better social game, but Neleh was more in control, though after the FTC i thought Vecepia handled it way better, and was glad she won.

My fave of the season was Tammy, shame she never came back for a second time.

Also wow Rosie does such better job than Probst hosting the reunion, it was very funny and wow at giving all of them cars at the end???? #survivor
Points: 48 6 comments
Did Anthony really quit orvote Jan 23, 2019
is he having 'an asthma attack' like Omarosa last year lol #cbbus2
Points: 10 3 comments
I love Tom Jan 22, 2019
hope he stays, hes very funny #cbbus
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Is it 1 hour 36 minutes or 2 hours 36 minutes Jan 22, 2019
till cbb?
Points: 0 2 comments