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  2. Finished Worlds Apart
  3. Lauren: *almost dies*
  4. Did the actual veto meeting happen?
  5. 3:09 AM ET Dane pooped his pants in the have not..
  6. I cant believe
  7. Successful 800th charity
  8. Guys: Lets make a guys alliance and make the..
  9. You can feel free to bet
  11. 2 more for my charity
  12. Someone join my crook 800th charity
  13. 800th game
  14. why cant hoh play in veto?
  15. awful beginning of BBCAN
  16. Is it really gonna be 14 people
  17. Is the EOE twist really till F4?
  18. You go Tamar
  19. Is CBB in one hour?
  20. Ugh (CBB)
  21. Yas
  22. Lolo for Veto
  23. UGH
  24. Damn Tamar won
  26. Yas Tamar
  27. Safety competition
  28. Fuego is shit
  29. If Tom doesnt go in DE
  30. Ugh RIP NEM
  31. Tom gonna use veto on Natalie
  32. I have 5 tg friends
  33. Ricky has pretty much given up and wants to be..
  34. Lolo is now last unnommed houseguest
  35. Lol i cant (CBB)
  36. Whoa idk if it was smart of Tamar to win HoH
  37. Ok wtf
  38. Tonight is gonna be so much drama
  39. i have a feeling
  40. This must be the most paranoid cast ever

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I'M JUMPING SHIP Apr 11, 2019
Points: 215 7 comments
Finished Worlds Apart Apr 8, 2019
Gosh what a toxic group of people. There were a couple of rootable people, but all of them made mistakes at one point or another making it frustrating to watch. I guess biggest takeaways are Carolyn, Jenn, Hali, Joe, Shirin and Mike. (I still dont get why Hali and Sierra were in Game Changers even though I like Hali).

Mike was a good winner, bitter feeling for the old hag who played better losing to him but at least he was a human in certain situations. The whole season was like a prequel to H vs. H vs. H tbh except he won immunities, not finding idols.

It had some good drama and fun eps but deff one of the worse seasons, and casts out of the 15 seasons I've watched. #survivor
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Lauren: *almost dies* Apr 4, 2019

I stan a heartless bitch #survivor
Points: 508 5 comments
Did the actual veto meeting happen? Apr 2, 2019
The V on jokers is still yellow, but the meeting should have been yesterday. #bbcan7
Points: 10 2 comments
3:09 AM ET Dane pooped his pants in the have not room Mar 29, 2019
Points: 30 0 comments
I cant believe Mar 29, 2019
Sam might not end up targeting anyone out of Mark/Anthony/Dane why is this season such a waste so far? They are so backdooring her next week ugh #bbcan7
Points: 40 2 comments