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Estonia ROBBED

May 20, 2021 by joe1110
Other than that I'm ok with the results, did we rly need Portugal/Moldova in finale tho? #eurovision


Oh Estonia WAS robbed. But yeah Portugal trash, but Moldova honestly... it's a guilty pleasure.
Sent by RedFabFoxy,May 20, 2021
the singer can sleep in my bed <3
Sent by JeyCeePina,May 20, 2021
Denmark ROBBED.
Sent by hobnobgpro,May 20, 2021
loved estonia but i knew it wasnt gonna qualify :(
Sent by sihz,May 20, 2021
sihz yeah i was listening to the songs first time tonight (except serbia) and i really loved the song, but i felt itd be hard for him to qualify that number 2 spot is cursed, but he deff deserved it over other boring male performers like Portugal obvsly, and though Switzerland is good too, I still prefer Estonia
Sent by joe1110,May 20, 2021
Joe1110 neither portugal, albania nor bulgaria appealed me tbh but i can see why they were chosen. Estonia just hits so different.. I liked SF1 better though
Sent by sihz,May 20, 2021
Daily #5
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Sep 27, 2021

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