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  1. 8 years Tengaged anniversary
  2. Hungary or Bulgaria FTW
  4. If Johnny puts up
  5. what site do you download tv shows from?
  6. Why the hell
  7. Someone pls tell BBCAN
  8. whats with the bbcan feeds?
  9. is there a big twist
  10. Ok that vote reminded me of
  11. i rly hope Ross doesnt win
  12. Who will Ross put up
  13. So is Brandi a target for everyone?
  14. Is tonight DE?
  15. where can i see
  16. Guess the celebrity round 2
  17. Guess the celebrity round 1
  18. join 13 post frooks
  19. ughh @ will and grace
  20. ugh so bored
  21. soooo
  22. Oh god
  23. Where does the
  24. What's the best
  25. So I finished Cook Islands
  26. at what season
  27. how many people were in the merge
  28. anyone buying tees?
  29. Would a frookies fill quickly
  30. again
  31. So anyone needs to buy tees?
  32. Wait
  33. Is Chloe the first Voice Winner
  34. Such an interesting tribal
  35. Almost perfect voice finale
  36. Well that vote
  37. ok im curious
  38. ok why is
  39. since when is this a thing
  40. Ugh Ali robbed


Dec 23, 2017 by joe1110
was no one gay this season on #survivor ??? How did that happen


There is a gay on ever season of Survivor lol his name is Jeff Probst
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Dec 23, 2017
Are they insinuating that gays are not heroes healers OR hustlers AHHHHHH
Sent by mikec51,Dec 23, 2017
joe1110 Lauren rimmer and maybe Ryan
Sent by adamsel,Dec 23, 2017
adamsel No, they r not.
Sent by Ari_,Dec 24, 2017
lauren is genderfluid
Sent by AronJX,Dec 24, 2017
Dr. Mike is in my dreams
Sent by teamjacz,Dec 24, 2017

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