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Hells kitchen episode 9

Dec 24, 2017 by imprincearthur
results are

Black Jackets
Philip13 -

Eliminated chefs

12th- TheShayMitchell
11th- Carlyjordan14
10th- Levonini
9th- DevinB
8th- DakotaCoons
7th JennaValentina
Black Jackets
6th- superemily3721
5th- HighNoon.
4th- maicolx3

The final three chefs will walk into the dining room and look around the room and see Nothing.

Gordon- I bet you are wondering where the dining room is right?

All-Yes chef

Gordon- Well, That is your challenge. You must design the perfect dining room. You have 60 minutes, begin.

The remaining chefs would decorate the dining room.

Gordon- The first part of the challenge is over!
Time to judge.  Jeremy present your dining room.

Jeremy-Chef my dining room is based off of the 1974 Horror house, Amityville.

Gordon- 4/5.

Mac-I present to you a dining room based off of the worldwide phenomenon, A twilight based dining room.


Philip- My dining room design is a take of three different tengaged original productions. This dining room has things from the trails, two young hearts and Burnsville state.


Gordon- Now time for your second part of the challenge. You must cook a meal that resembles your dining room.

Mac- Vampire themed.
Jeremy- Blood themed.
Philip-Supernatiral themed with love and crime.

Your time starts now.

After another long 60 minutes the chefs present their dishes and Mac already scored a 3.5 for a total of 7/10

Jeremy presented his dish and scored a 4 for a total of 8/10

Philip on the other hand presented his dish and scored a 1 having a total of 5/10.

Dinner service

At the dinner service, All three chefs performed with Grace until the last ticket for entrees were set to be sent out. Mac failed on meat while Philip failed on Garnish but Jeremy soared on fish and hot apps.


Gordon-My two nominees are simple. Philip and Mac please come down.

Tell me why you should stay in hells kitchen?
Both chefs explain why.

Gordon-My decision is Mac.

Mac would walk down still with his jacket on.

Gordon- Take off your jacket young man.

Mac would do so.

Gordon-You have heart and soul but too much to lead one of my kitchens.

Next time on hells kitchen.

It's Finale night and only one will walk away with the title of Hells kitchen winner and head chef at the all new Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Louisville Kentucky.

Will it be the underdog Philip? Or the hot headed Jeremy find out next time on hells kitchen.


I’m shook! I thought I was so screwed!! Bless my cooking capabilities.
Sent by Philip13,Dec 25, 2017

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