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Jul 21, 2018 by iTy990
It's so stereotypical to complain about moderation on this website, I may have only shined in the dark ages also known as the Twilight Zone but I have always just wanted my friends to do well, and I will always fight for the underdogs and the rebels. I will never cheat again unless randomize removes captchas, removes moderation, and removes the possibility of me getting banned from it.

I'm not gonna sugar coat it.

Theres rumors about admin about Kandee_ and it seems confirmed because it doesn't appear that it's been denied, and I want to say let him do his job! The people he banned so far have new accounts, and there not gonna have any success on this website cheating or they'll get banned again.

I wanna defend all likes of former multi users, I have ASD, ADHD, Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder. Mental disabilities do exist and I'm not saying any of these people have mental disabilities but I'm saying we all found a way to try to defend each other and our friends from ourselves, and I apologize.

I will do everything I can to follow the rules from now on and I hope you can join me.
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