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  2. You guys are the perfect example
  4. I won the World Series without Multi's
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  6. I'm So Disappointed.
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  16. I don't give a fuck I keep it real
  17. Has anyone even been banned for designs?
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  20. My Angers a Liar
  21. You're not the only one to blame,
  22. The King of Nothing.
  23. She Took My Heart & Left Me Lonely
  24. 405|WINNER|433
  25. LiL iTy - Born To Die [Official Audio]
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  27. Carry On Tengaged.
  28. I probably will get banned.
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  30. The Thirteen Curse
  31. What if LeaSirk
  33. I'm Upset.
  34. 8th ~ The URL Badman
  36. LiL iTy - Danyyboy67 [Official Diss Track]
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Goodbye </3 Jul 24, 2018
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You guys are the perfect example Jul 24, 2018
of why straight people shouldn't be allowed to breed.
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We all want 16 inactive icons like Emmaleigh Maplestory Jayroy enrolled into stars and banned for a week.


Make it happen
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I won the World Series without Multi's Jul 24, 2018
Not once...
Not twice...
Not three times...
Not four times...
Not five times...
Not six times...
Not seven times...
Not eight times...
Not nine times...
Not ten times...
Not eleven times...
Not twelve times...
Not Thirteen times...
Not fourteen times...
Not fifteen times...
Not sixteen times...
Not seventeen times...
Not eighteen times...
Not nineteen times...
Not twenty times...
Not twenty one times...
Not twenty two times...
Not twenty three times...
Not twenty four times...
Not twenty five times...
Not twenty six times...

Take that Maturo.
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Banned Stars = #Tanacon Jul 24, 2018
I was annoyed when I saw Admin saying he wasn't giving Tito the 400 t's because he didn't reply to his mail.

But I'm more annoyed you unbanned him 2 weeks early and gave him the T's anyways.

Like he said in his speech "GIMME THE BAN AND 400 T'S"

All you had to do was say "My mistake, 400 T's have been added to Tito's account for him to spend when he gets unbanned"

Sure not everyone would've been happy, but I'd bet you a hundred dollars everyones still not happy. :C
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I'm So Disappointed. Jul 24, 2018
What I'm waking up to is complete and utter bullshit.
I didn't like the Banned Stars twist to begin with...
But cancelling it is so unnessecary?

All that had to be done was give TitoBuritto the 400 T's and carry out the 2 week ban...
Why would you unban him and give him the T's just because you made a small mistake.

Also you say it's not cancelled... but you didn't ban Bamold, and you unbanned everyone else....

It makes no sense.

Also why is @Danyyboy67 Banned.
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