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Underrated Survivor Goddesses #20

Jul 17, 2020 by greyconverse
Coming in 20th is the one and only Danielle Dilorenzo.

She did return, so she is low on my list. However if reddit tea is to be trusted, she only got cast last min. in swap of fellow underrated goddess queen Natalie Bolton. (Or Candice I think it was, but honestly who is that).

Daniele was SO iconic in both of her runs. Daniele VS Shane? One of the best rivalries of the show. I found it just as funny as Shane VS Courtney.

Not to mention, she was in a very strong alliance with both Cirie AND Parvati through her two seasons.

She almost made final two with both of them. Honestly if Danielle wasn't cast with them and slightly overshadowed, she would literally be worshipped by this entire website already.


19th coming tmo.

PYN to be tagged!
bamold1999 (miss you too<3)
Jinxh (sequester QUEEN)
Whoa (teateatea, shes coming)
rockstarr (hi hi hii!)

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