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Zach Rances is my husband thnx bye x

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Drag Race S13 designs? Jun 15, 2021
Does anyone know who designed them? Specifically the Utica one, of this gown;

It鈥檚 on the profile of _Groot
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R.I.P Chi Chi Aug 20, 2020
R.I.P to a beautiful soul. Season 8 is the reason I love drag. I鈥檇 like to think we touch eachothers lives by existing.

Thank you for teaching me that being my gay self is okay. May your soul Rest In Peace and your spirit lift queer youth for years and years to come.

Be kind to one another. Value the time you鈥檙e given.

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Kevin & Dani are great Aug 17, 2020
Y鈥檃ll Janelle stans are too much.
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On another note Jul 29, 2020
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Underrated Survivor Goddesses #18 Jul 27, 2020
The only winner likely to make my list.....

The silent but deadly Natalie White. Possibly the most underestimated winner of all. Russell truely did represent the shift to a more modern Survivor, and I won't deny it. However.

Natalie WAS the reason Eric left. Quiet, social, logical strategy. She simply presented herself as a trustworthy number, which she really was and had been proving all season long.

And the girls tried pulling her in, only to fall the next round. Both Russell and Natalie got the two to the end. If Natalie didn't take out Eric, and if Russell didn't take out Kelly, Samoa likely has a different outcome in Galus favor.

She deserves more credit. I wish she was on S40.

PYN to be tagged
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Me seeing Paul, Nicole 2.0, and Christmas... Jul 27, 2020
But no Keesha, no Vanessa, no Kalia, no Helen and no Andy.
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