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Underrated Survivor Goddesses #19

Jul 27, 2020 by greyconverse
Sneaking in at #19 is..... Kara Kay!

Kara was iconic. She literally plotted the demise of her boo so that she could have a clear shot to the finals with her NOW boo Alec, plus their thirdwheel Alison. The edit liked to show Alison and Alec as the closer of the two, but girll.... look at his insta..

Also, if Mike loses that fire making challenge, Kara is a lock for winner or at least second.

Honestly queen could have been our two time winner if the wind was different in Fiji.


PYN to be tagged!


twila and chrissy better be top 10
Sent by colehausman271,Jul 27, 2020
colehausman271 the blantant disregard for queens scout and lauren, I wont stand for it
Sent by greyconverse,Jul 27, 2020
kara so boring sorry x
Sent by Whoa,Jul 27, 2020

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