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My Stupid Freaking Blogs That Make No Sense

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I wish I had any talent to start a band Nov 28, 2021
Because just looking at the bands in my spotify recommended and their names are like:

- Bitch Hunt
- Gender Chores
- Trash Boat
- Dog Park Dissidents
- Destroy Boys
- Slash Fiction
- Limp Wrist

And I just feel like my life would be 1000x cooler if I was in a band named any of these or anything like these. I wish I was the lead singer of "Bisexual Book Club" or "Angst Patrol", that'd be like awesome.
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Oh jesus I haven't been here in like 3 years Nov 24, 2021
It's really a miracle I remembered my password.
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Black Panther Came Out Less Than Nine Months Ago Oct 30, 2018
It feels like 2 years.
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My Shitty, Shitty Halloween Costume Oct 21, 2018
My costume is a Nudist Colony Member on Strike, therefore he is wearing clothes. This relates to Halloween because it expresses the horrible creative ideas I have, and isn't that what Halloween costumes are all about? Expression?

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Just looked at my account Oct 21, 2018
And I saw a gift, that was unexpected.
Thank you Orlando652 and maturo
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join fastings to give me 12th :) Oct 19, 2018
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