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avi contest thingy

2 k4r4k, Nov 1, 2018

I am a fallen demon angel :) the skin really makes the entire avatar with it's eerie black eyes that seem to be pits of darkness. Touches like the halo, bow, and wings keep me looking sweet, but we all know the evil that lurks within...
also basic item black stitch mouth and black eyes


My Halloween Costume 2018

0 hellocat, Oct 31, 2018

I am a slut for this years #Halloween2018 contest. I must give shoutouts to Goodkaren and Sweet_Susan for gifting me. A slut is so scary because she might be coming for you next


My Halloween Costume

0 sk9ergal, Oct 30, 2018

I am Bloody Mary. Hold a candle, repeat my name in front of a mirror and your worst nightmare comes to life.


My Halloween Costume!

0 Philip13, Oct 30, 2018

For Halloween this year my avi is a father with two servings of child support to pay. Scary! The background is white and angelic because this poor man is seeing the light after a particularly bad night watching Phil and Lil. They cried, they puked, they screamed! Lil’s first words were profanity! These are devil children and this poor father is drowning in the agony they’re causing him.
Skin - https://tengaged.com/design/id-256464/cesco-skin-tattoo
Glasses - https://tengaged.com/design/id-198566/nerd-glasses
Hair - https://tengaged.com/design/id-258343/brown-niall-hair
Mouth - https://tengaged.com/design/id-250260/grrr-mouth
Background - https://tengaged.com/design/id-252916/real-madrid
Eyes - https://tengaged.com/design/id-173714/eg-foliage-green-eyes
Phil and Lil - https://tengaged.com/design/id-248927/twi


My Halloween Costume!

0 ILoveLarry, Oct 30, 2018

I’m booming banana businessman Billy Bob Banana! Business has been a bit bumpy, but I bound some burgeoning bananas to my brain and a beaming blue banana smile to my face with the belief that this will benefit my business. Remember: "Be a bud, buy a banana!"©
My costume relates to Halloween because it is adorable and endearing, but also slightly creepy and unsettling. Just imagine waking up to this image towering over your bed in the middle of the night. You would probably cry, and that is just the tea. Furthermore, Halloween is all about creativity, and I invented a whole new persona for this. Now that is true innovation.
Design links:


Halloween 2018: Part 3

14 Admin, Oct 29, 2018

Hi Tengaged,
As Halloween is almost here, it is time for the third and final part of the Halloween activities we have been celebrating all week. I am extremely happy and so thrilled to see that so many have enjoyed and participated so far. I hope the excitement grows with the last part of our celebration.
Reminder the Avatar Halloween Contest is still ongoing, and the winner will be announced on November 1st, if you haven't submitted your avatar yet, there is still time. I've seen so many great Halloween themed Avatar's who has not entered. I encourage all to join in the fun. Remember to #Halloween2018 when entering the contest. Also, all candies are hidden and there are still some that need found, so if you have a sweet tooth, keep looking. You have all been looking, so keep up with your great searching skills.
Halloween Avatar Contest: https://tengaged.com/blog/Admin/8720423/gc-halloween-2018-part-1
Trick-or-Treat: https://tengaged.com/blog/Admin/8722780/gc-halloween-2018-part-2
The third section of the Halloween event is a Scavenger Hunt Game!
Will there be a curse or maybe a spell? Start the hunt only time will tell.
There are 8 hidden Halloween stamps that are placed around the site, be sure to follow the clues so, you get them right.
It’s time to join in a game of Halloween Fun, hurry and try to be the first one done.
You will find 8 Halloween stamps along the way, Keep a copy of all the links as you play.
Once you have completed, send them to me and you will find out if you won some T$!!
Prizes will be awarded for those who finish in first to sixth place; You'll want to work at solving the clues at a rapid pace. The first clue will be given at the bottom of this blog. REWARDS:
1st - 200T$
2nd - 125T$
3rd - 75T$
4th - 45T$
5th - 20T$
6th - 20T$
* This is an individual contest so keep your finds to yourself. Do not comment on any of the stamps as there is more than one winner.
* NO posting these stamps around the site. FIRST OFFENSE - Warning, next is 1-day ban.
* If a stamp is on one of your blogs. DO NOT REMOVE, will result in a ban.
The first si will receive a reward, which will be announced in the conclusion post in which the Avatar winner will be announced, Candy update and winners of the scavenger hunt. Events rewards will expire November 1st. Attempting to claim a reward after November 1, 2018, will not be redeemable. Mostly, have fun and thank you all for participating, It has been great to see so many enjoying the events.
SCAVENGER HUNT FIRST CLUE- The definition of my username is an evil phantom, but I’m still his number one. To find me go to the user who many often speak about, look through my blogs, you will find your stamp there is no doubt.


Halloween Avatar Contest Blog

2 LoveLife, Oct 29, 2018

My avatar relates to Halloween by being dark, mysterious and authentic. I believe that the smoke design gives my avatar an original look as not many people possess this design. The skin I have used is also very original and compliments the theme of darkness, Halloween and evil.
List of Designs:
Background - https://tengaged.com/design/id-144295/background
Pink/Black/White Smoke!- https://tengaged.com/design/id-118180/pinkblackwhite-smoke
Wolf Fight Skin Male - https://tengaged.com/design/id-81398/wolf-fight-skin-male
Black Lips - https://tengaged.com/design/id-211928/black-lips
Blue LashBlast Eyes - https://tengaged.com/design/id-259153/blue-lashblast-eyes
Black Hair - https://tengaged.com/design/id-247637/black-hair


Halloween Costume: Sexy Raven

2 Ashleybabyx3, Oct 28, 2018

My Sexy Raven costume relates to halloween because I'm wearing black wings with a sexy top. My hair is dyed to a KJ green halloween hair color. I painted my face with a hear tattoo and my black angel halo shows my evil side!
Designs used:


Halloween 2018: Part 2

23 Admin, Oct 24, 2018

I want to say that I am thrilled with the success of the Halloween Avatar Contest #Halloween2018. It is refreshing observing all the original applications! For which is why I'm excited to introduce the second part of the Halloween event.
Part 1: https://tengaged.com/blog/Admin/8720423/gc-halloween-2018-part-1
Something so vital on Halloween is the component of us going trick-or-treating. Children across the globe advance from house-to-house, asking for treats using the expression "Trick-or-treat". By misfortune, I happen to drop a mass amount of candy across the site; this is where I need your aid! I believe the candies will emerge on posts of users first blogs across the site. The candy will contain a reward as specified on the image; it is up to you to locate the misplaced candy and claim the prize.
2T$, 3T$, 5T$ and 10T$.
How would you claim a reward?
• If you happen to spot one of them, the best possibility of you claiming the reward would be to comment under it with the following phrase"CLAIMED CANDY".
• Once located, please mail Admin and notify them to add the T$ to your account (link the blog).
• If a user manages to find an excessive amount of candies, you will only be capable of claiming a maximum of 12 rewards. Give others the opportunity to earn a reward.
• Adding T$ daily, so don't demand instant rewards.
• If you had claimed a reward, and the blog was removed (or the comment), make sure to link us when notifying.
I want to acknowledge SmoothStalker12, the inspiration behind the idea. SmoothStalker12 didn't create the concept, though is most recognized for using it during their Easter event.
(I do apologize for the cheesy opening)
The final part of the Halloween event will be announced soon.
Thank you,


My Halloween Creation

3 yoshicoolman, Oct 24, 2018

I’m Lana del Rey! I’m here to fight Azaliea Banks.  “u know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say it to my face. But if I were you- I wouldn’t.” - Myself. This relates to Halloween because I’m a scary bitch and Azelia better go to where Admir lives or I’m gonna whack that bitch right across the head. Spooky.
Hair: https://tengaged.com/design/id-181040/dark-brown-beach-party
Hair Ornament: https://tengaged.com/design/id-260050/bang-bang
Background: https://tengaged.com/design/id-263802/vintage-palm-trees
Mouth: https://tengaged.com/design/id-204095/dolce-k-lips
Eyes: https://tengaged.com/design/id-203489/brown-female-eyes
Shirt: https://tengaged.com/design/id-235247/pastel-button-down
Skin: https://tengaged.com/design/id-191290/female-skin-w-brows
I could’ve done something easy, but I went creative. Reward me please.


My Halloween Costume submission

1 QueenDoe, Oct 23, 2018

My look was inspired by Michael Jackson and I call it "MJ IN EDEN". This costume relates to Halloween because Mj had one of the most terrifying videos of all time called "Thriller". I wanted to pay tribute to him by showing him in the garden of Eden in his afterlife. 
Hair: https://tengaged.com/design/id-91366/brown-female-hair
Lips: https://tengaged.com/design/id-181464/faded-red-lips
Eyes: https://tengaged.com/design/id-94816/female-dark-brown-eyes
Skin/flower design:https://tengaged.com/design/id-74495/sugar-and-spice
Nose: https://tengaged.com/design/id-62466/dark-skin-trishy-nose


Halloween Costume Contest!

3 rellizuraddixion, Oct 22, 2018

Denied from Heaven! Rejected from Hell! Ruler of the Undead! The Vampire Draculaizuraddixion has arisen! You will rue the night you leered into into his ruby gaze. For his good looks are almost as deadly as his appetite for flesh! Beware you have been warned!
Designs used
Skin: https://tengaged.com/design/id-249698/black-male-skin
Mouth: https://tengaged.com/design/id-124125/scared-mouth
Hair: https://tengaged.com/design/id-244600/black-soccer
Eyes: https://tengaged.com/design/id-173056/vamp-eyes
Clothes: https://tengaged.com/design/id-241703/vampire
Background: https://tengaged.com/design/id-224886/heaven-or-hell


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