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1stAug 28, 2018 by gagaluv
Do U Live For The APPLAUSE?


Sent by brandonpinzu,Aug 28, 2018
Sent by Crayadian,Aug 28, 2018
wow 5 gifts I wonder how hard that is to replace
Sent by ak73,Aug 28, 2018
I think someones upset their multi using boyfriend got renommed and is getting his ass beat by a fake gay.
Sent by CiTy,Aug 28, 2018
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Aug 28, 2018
I have never had anything to do with this game DanielKennedy111 I was gifting out of the kindness of my heart........this fucker wants to call ME a know I do not lie....smfh
Sent by gagaluv,Aug 28, 2018
I've always knew he is a snake
Sent by Katherinee_,Aug 28, 2018
Sent by _Finesse,Aug 28, 2018
OH we were playing for a gagaluv design? I regret trying!
Sent by EbonyGothChild666,Aug 28, 2018
ugh now that I was going to sheep someone for the 6th place gift ;(
Sent by FelipeS,Aug 28, 2018
no not his game @EbonyGothichild666 was doing my own gift chance for the public catch up
Sent by gagaluv,Aug 28, 2018
my own gift chance for the public FelipeS
Sent by gagaluv,Aug 28, 2018
Lol I like all three of you but pluses for the drama
Sent by brosky17,Aug 28, 2018
Wow, the one time I win a gift giveaway, and it gets ruined by drama.
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Aug 28, 2018
queen of not being a liar and calling out krisstory's contradictory actions
Sent by Absol,Aug 28, 2018
Good on you for taking a stand
I just don’t think you should take your issues with KrisStory and make it the players problems, but hey I would probably do the same thing
Sent by Fetish,Aug 28, 2018
how am I making it a players problem? Fetish
Sent by gagaluv,Aug 28, 2018
I was not asked to do anything I did this gift chance on my own has nothing to do with the players it was a gift chance for the public..see my blog pick the winner! Fetish
Sent by gagaluv,Aug 28, 2018
gagaluv oh okay, still I wouldn’t take it out on those people, they did nothing. But you do you, you didn’t have to even have the giveaway in the first place
Sent by Fetish,Aug 28, 2018
I never explicitly called you a liar, but now I will, because by saying that I called you a liar when I didn’t is a lie, which makes you a liar.
Sent by KrisStory,Aug 28, 2018
She admitted it. Kris is a nice guy why do u always pop off
Sent by Roshy,Aug 28, 2018
Sent by zachbbs,Aug 28, 2018
Honestly you just randomly funding a group game, hosted by admin just seemed like straight up Ass-kissing so I'm glad you aren't gifting anymore. I've never seen you gift for any other group games on the site so it was a bit weird seeing you randomly give 5 gifts for this.
Sent by Piddu,Aug 28, 2018
Sent by s73100,Aug 28, 2018
I'm kinda bald
Sent by sihz,Aug 28, 2018
this makes me really moist
Sent by Allison,Aug 28, 2018
ok then
Sent by Coffeebean,Aug 29, 2018
gagaluv OMG HAY GIRL
Sent by SweetBlossomrose1,Aug 29, 2018
OMG WOW HEYYY SweetBlossomrose1 wth you been!
Sent by gagaluv,Aug 29, 2018
gagaluv LOL I’m good!!! Its been a whole three years
Sent by SweetBlossomrose1,Aug 29, 2018
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Apr 26, 2019

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