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Final Farewell.

Jul 26, 2010 by funkyred44
Hi, I'm funkyred44, you may remember me as...fuck it im not gonna pretend that you do remember me or whether i care, im here to end my life on tengaged in a more effective way than i have in the past.

Firstly i would just like to say a few things about the people i cared for most on this site, eventhough they, much like myself, have probably descended into nothingness in the ever evolving internet world.

BlueStar - Your an amazing person, and i hope for the best of you in the future.
2cool4school - Your my chocolate bear, and always will be.
Oleary91 - You once took a picture of yourself with your finger in the shape as gun pointed to your head, it still gives me wet dreams.
JJJJ - The first good friend i had on here, and i would just like to say, your very attractive and i would very much like to make sweet sweet love to you. Ive  been holding that in for a long time.

Now a few things i wonder about:

Alisowned (remember her?) I wonder if she has finally made her way to a high spot in the white house due to her overwhelming popularity, eventhough she had all the likeability of a serial rapist.

Jason_2_12 - I wonder if he has finally hit puberty, and whether he has discovered that this site isnt, despite what he thinks, a ticket in to heaven and therefore requires wholehearted devotion.

I wonder if KingMac realised no-one actually liked him, and he became a recluse and joined the circus picking up the animal manure.

I would say i wander if Todd is less of a dick, but we all know that some people never change.

I wonder if all the females realised on my departure that i was a gloriously sexy beast of a man you wished to spend many winter nights with, i can only hope.

Coming to do this blog i was saddened, as this site has introduced me to some truly great people, who i will most probably never speak to again, but everything happens for a reason, and one day i will discover the purpose of the endless hours i wasted on this site.

To those who werent around in the 'first era' of tengagers i'd just like to share with you one thing. This is just a game, enjoy it and dont argue, unless you can argue with Todd...he's a douche.

For the last time (again) this is funkyred44 saying peace out mother fuckers.


LOL i remember u
Sent by karim,Jul 26, 2010
WOWWWWWW i missed u :D
Sent by Sportsdevil654,Jul 26, 2010
karim your so sexy
Sent by funkyred44,Jul 26, 2010
lmaooo. omg come back
Sent by oleary91,Jul 26, 2010
oleary your still on this site? really? gawd lol
Sent by funkyred44,Jul 26, 2010
I stay just for TSC ;(
Sent by oleary91,Jul 26, 2010
Sent by Savcodushe,Jul 26, 2010
I remember you! :)
Sent by JessicaFaith,Jul 26, 2010
Crying irl
Sent by Alex1991,Jul 26, 2010
Good luck in life, nice to see you around. :)
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jul 26, 2010
Luke <333 you should stay
Sent by BlueStar,Jul 26, 2010
you're a top mate
come back to me so we can cam again
Sent by 2cool4school,Jul 27, 2010
haha, i wish "todd" would say something on this! LMAO!
Sent by isaacenjoyscheese,Oct 22, 2010

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