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Final Farewell. Jul 26, 2010
Hi, I'm funkyred44, you may remember me as...fuck it im not gonna pretend that you do remember me or whether i care, im here to end my life on tengaged in a more effective way than i have in the past.

Firstly i would just like to say a few things about the people i cared for most on this site, eventhough they, much like myself, have probably descended into nothingness in the ever evolving internet world.

BlueStar - Your an amazing person, and i hope for the best of you in the future.
2cool4school - Your my chocolate bear, and always will be.
Oleary91 - You once took a picture of yourself with your finger in the shape as gun pointed to your head, it still gives me wet dreams.
JJJJ - The first good friend i had on here, and i would just like to say, your very attractive and i would very much like to make sweet sweet love to you. Ive  been holding that in for a long time.

Now a few things i wonder about:

Alisowned (remember her?) I wonder if she has finally made her way to a high spot in the white house due to her overwhelming popularity, eventhough she had all the likeability of a serial rapist.

Jason_2_12 - I wonder if he has finally hit puberty, and whether he has discovered that this site isnt, despite what he thinks, a ticket in to heaven and therefore requires wholehearted devotion.

I wonder if KingMac realised no-one actually liked him, and he became a recluse and joined the circus picking up the animal manure.

I would say i wander if Todd is less of a dick, but we all know that some people never change.

I wonder if all the females realised on my departure that i was a gloriously sexy beast of a man you wished to spend many winter nights with, i can only hope.

Coming to do this blog i was saddened, as this site has introduced me to some truly great people, who i will most probably never speak to again, but everything happens for a reason, and one day i will discover the purpose of the endless hours i wasted on this site.

To those who werent around in the 'first era' of tengagers i'd just like to share with you one thing. This is just a game, enjoy it and dont argue, unless you can argue with Todd...he's a douche.

For the last time (again) this is funkyred44 saying peace out mother fuckers.
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Hi Guys Mar 12, 2010
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196th Place
Whatever Karma

I say my goodbyes for the final time.

I wish you all well.

To the good friends... you know who you are...byee

For the last time... funkyred44 says goodbye

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Whats your favourite word? Feb 27, 2010
Mines Cunt
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BEP: Worst Song Ever Feb 6, 2010

He speaks so much truth
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I feel so rejected... Feb 4, 2010
Am I the only teenage boy Genevere hasnt asked to see naked?

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More Lost Blogs: Fave Character Feb 1, 2010
Excuse me but im obsessed...

Who is your fave lost character?

Mines Jack
Followed closely by Ben and Juliette
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