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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

12th and nothing more [goodbye]

18thAug 17, 2021 by fabianoo
Since I arrived on this site at age 12 I dreamed of winning the stars, I think most of them thought about it for a while, but I was a very different child from the adult I became, but unfortunately I will never be able to change that impression you had of me, only whoever allowed themselves to get to know me better knows how much I've matured!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me and always helped me, but I'll never be in the stars again, maybe not even play this game again, it's hard to know that they prefer a prejudiced person than you, but that's ok, I understand that.

Thanks to the 48%+ who saved me, you guys are amazing, I got emails from people I never thought would help me in a situation like this!
and to friends, I love you so much, you are all dear.

In these almost 10 years of involvement, the only thing I didn't get was a star, I think one of the things I really wanted, but to learn.
But I got several friends with whom I shared a lot of happiness, thank you all ♥

Thank you tengaged!
Game 666 of the #stars ... 12th


girl you didn’t even try to stay, what
Sent by KingB24,Aug 17, 2021
I could never stay in this situation.
people hate me, and my opponent clearly spammed kingb24
Sent by fabianoo,Aug 17, 2021
Sent by Absolutely,Aug 17, 2021
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Aug 17, 2021
Sent by Robynn,Aug 17, 2021
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Aug 17, 2021
Robbed :/
Sent by Midiaw,Aug 17, 2021

você merece muito mais
Sent by Halley,Aug 18, 2021

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