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Apr 5, 2017 by devinwithparasites
I can always count on tg for some voiceactors

PROJECT: I am making a video game for my 3d game design class. In the game there is 4 different sections, each that will have their own story and audio in them. I WILL BE ATTEMPTING TO RELEASE THIS GAME ON STEAM. YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD HENNIES

ONE (1) male voice that can talk calmly, BUT menacingly. This will be a councilor, and he must be very professional. For reference the therapist from Until Dawn.

ONE (1) female voice (obviously there are a lot of dudes on this website so a very femme gay voice will do) THIS PART REQUIRES YOU TO BE LOUD. I want a woman who at first seems sure of herself, but then colaspes into a complete mental breakdown. If you can sound like your crying while yelling thats the tops hun.

ONE (1) aggressive male voice. You will be saying 3 lines very scarily and I will be distorting and confumbling and straight up making you sound fucked up. Deep voice preferred but not required.

Hit me up on skype if you are intrigued Skype: Phoebestjefferson

ps. antf still on hiatus until this summer when i can revive it sorry huns


Geez :0 wish i had a good mike
Sent by BrainJak,Apr 5, 2017
Geez :0 wish i had a good mike
Sent by Brandt69,Feb 8, 2018

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