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multis ruined my charity

18thOct 31, 2020 by ddkawesome
after loosing a lot of money in frooks because of multis i saved up,betted, blogged, and even made designs to finally do my charity i never got to do. i started the charity and while i was sleeping over night multis joined and took me out first.

Dear multis across tengaged,

You guys are pathetic and suck so much at this site that you have to make multiple accounts. you are sad human beings  that have nothing to do and look forward to waist peoples time and money just to get clothes and get satisfaction from it. you are disgusting and honestly really made me question about being on this site. i took a break from this because of multis ruining account and now i really feel like i should leave permanently from this toxic site.

to be honest i鈥檓 not even mad. i just feel bad for the people losing money and for the multis as they suck at the games so they have to make accounts to make yourself better. probably going to get negged on this blog but i really don鈥檛 care. DO BETTER

some multis  to say thanks to:


Keep your head up king
Sent by danyyboy67,Oct 31, 2020
I鈥檓 not a multi but okay. I was also irritated how the multis came in and messed up the game
Sent by Ciurrra,Oct 31, 2020
I saw that game :/
Sent by Rizzy,Oct 31, 2020
ktownqt69 is also not a multi but go awf
Sent by Ciurrra,Oct 31, 2020
ciurrra oh sorry i鈥檒l take you two out
Sent by ddkawesome,Oct 31, 2020
I鈥檓 sorry man ://-
Sent by FromAWindow,Oct 31, 2020
the multis are controlled by other users, it's those users who are pathetic not the multis lol
Sent by Mrkk,Oct 31, 2020

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