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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Dear Little Brother,

Dec 2, 2020 by ddkawesome

you鈥檙e a bitch for leaving tg WITHOUT LETTING NE KNOW. but honestly you are literally my bestie and my right hand man. unfortunately bitch ass people decide to spend there life hating on a 13 year old buttt that鈥檚 none of my business. i鈥檓 glad you got to achieve your dream and be in stars even tho it鈥檚 hell. i鈥檒l miss you buddy even though you smell like old milk and make me wanna drown you in your pool. better believe i鈥檒l come to a swim meet and laugh if you lose馃挍

The baddest bitch in texas
aka your big brother :)

P.S. you smell horrible


P.S. you smell horrible
Sent by konohavillage1,Dec 2, 2020
Just saw this ddkawesome and I鈥檓 dead
Sent by Escapethenight13,Dec 21, 2020

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