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If you want to have f2 with Avalon

Mar 18, 2017 by capguy1
Don't. She's crazy af.  Blowing up my phone via Skype everyday. Even if you're genuine af she will doubt you. I had to calm her down everyday.

Btw if I used the wrong pronoun as she is really he, she got mad.

Fucking one of the worst stars ever


When you couldn't hear me and I called you a deaf retard, you got pretty upset too : )
Sent by Avalon,Mar 18, 2017
You never said that to me so you're making it up
Sent by capguy1,Mar 18, 2017
Why would you even work with her him in the first place Keith ?
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Mar 18, 2017
Avalon u said an banned word
Sent by nnewman3,Mar 27, 2017

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