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Can we stop with the Cherry accusations?

Jan 29, 2021 by blazermaniac94
I feel like everytime I get on here people are accusing Cherry of some serious things yet so far all they are is accusations.  These accusations so far are rooted in dislike of Cherry and as far as I've seen are all hearsay, not factual,  or subjective. 

So here's a facts about Cherry.   Cherry cares about people, wether that person is 13 or 30 she believes that person deserves to be respected and treated well for whoever they are as a person and she does that.  Is she perfect all the time? No, because none of us are and she will admit when she knows she's in the wrong.

If you have actual proof then let's see it but until then leave her alone.


its usually frookies dislike because she slayed them
Sent by paul028,Jan 29, 2021
I agree! cheritaisdelicious has done nothing wrong! and gets slandered all the time for no reason! It’s disgusting and I don’t get it.
Sent by Lynn12,Jan 29, 2021

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