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My Professional Job...

Apr 25, 2014 by azanoni
Hey Tengaged,

Not many of you know me or know what I do in my real life. I am a professional dancer and this weekend I have a show! It's a great show with many wonderful dancers, but here is what a critic wrote about my performance last night! 

"Zanoni, a compact and muscular dancer usually given to comedy, expressed yearning through an expressive and very beautiful sort of writhing to James Blake's haunting "Overgrown," He punctuated that movement with a repeated, ritual set of gestures -- hands apart, hands together, hands to the face -- as if his character were pulling himself together, girding himself against the terror of the passage of time."

I haven't choreographed a solo in a very long time and it feels great to get such a nice review that I had to share it! 

You can find the rest of the review on the entire concert here:

:D Off to performance #2 tonight!


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