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Dearest Tengaged.... (continued)

Aug 10, 2014 by azanoni
I'm not sure what I should say to you.  You kinda flipped your lid at the end of your stay in my charity.  I still think you joined to help me but a lot of rumors were being spread towards the end of the game and unfortunately I let myself get sucked up into them. I apologized for accusing you of ruining yet you continued to attack me.  Since I'm being honest in my farewell blog I have to say is people like you (or at least the way you acted towards the end) that I am not going to miss from Tengaged.  Good luck and thank you for joining at the last minute to get my charity to fill.

I was so surprised to see you join my charity.  You're someone I consider a "big name" on this site and I was so thankful to have you play for me!  I'm not sure what to say to someone who is ranked so high in the HoF because it seems like you've got this site on lock down.  So I'll just say it again, thank you for joining and helping me reach TV star.  Now I feel like I'm part of the elite tengagers. 

Alaskan, earlier in this novel of a blog, I mentioned meeting good friends in fastings and you are one of the people I was talking about.  From the very first time we played a game together I knew I could always count on you and trust you 100%.  You are a good guy and a great friend!  I got my first gift (that I liked) on this site because of you!  You're a great social player and a great physical competitor when it comes to competitions.  I wish you all the best in the rest of your Tengaged journey and I was so happy to see at least 1 familiar face in my charity game! Well Tengaged, my time has come to an end here and I thought that writing a farewell/memorial blog would be the perfect way to to say good bye and capture all the memories I've made.

Thumper, you are another player on tengaged who I consider a "big name". So many people on this site love you and I can see why.  There wasn't much chatting going on in my charity (mostly because I work so damn much) but from what I gathered you seem like a sweet person and I understand why you are so popular here!  Thank you for joining my final game and it was an honor to make it so far with you!

Pat, we go waaayyyy back! Back to when I was still an Elder.  Having you in my final game was almost like seeing this site come "full circle".  The Elders was the one and only frat I ever joined on Tengaged and I was happy to see someone in that game who I knew I could immediately trust.  I know there was a lot of drama about who was there to ruin and who wasn't but no matter what anyone else said about you, I knew you were only there to help!  Thank you so much for your support and tell everyone at the Elders I said, "Thanks for the good times and keep these young ones in check!". 

Nick, you were another friendly face of mine in this game.  We didn't meet until recently so it feels like our friendship is a little short lived.  When I say recently, it's because we met towards the end of my time on Tengaged.  However, every game we played together I knew that you had my back.  You're another person on this site who I consider a big name and it was an honor for me to get close to you and be an ally you knew you could trust!  Thank you a million times for supporting me in my TV Star Charity and keep up the good work on Tengaged!

My Final words:

Tengaged has been a roller coaster of a ride from the moment I joined it.  I never thought I'd be on the site for over a year and I never thought I'd play more than 100 games.  It just goes to show you how great of a site tengaged is.  With that being said, I decided to treat this site like a video game and reaching TV Star was like beating the final boss.  It's time for me to take the "game disc" out of the system, put it in its case, and put it on the shelf. 

I'm about to start a new chapter of my life and tengaged has taken up a lot of my time, energy, and attention that I need to give to something else. 

I thank you all for all the good, bad, and ugly memories I will take with me and remember....This is a Big Brother website! Trust no one and expect the unexpected bitches!

And I will leave you with this:

Too all my haters.....#seeyanever


too much to read but +10
Sent by Thanos,Aug 10, 2014
What happened
Sent by chibideidara,Aug 10, 2014
Your tv star wtf?
Sent by bamold1999,Aug 10, 2014
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I don't want a fucking shoutout, fuck off.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Aug 10, 2014

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