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Happy Birthday Alicia <3

4thAug 25, 2017 by acyuta
imageBeen waiting since a year to do this! <3 Hope you like this! Have a great day. Happy birthday Alicia <3 Princessteepee

"Happy 27th Birthday Alicia!!!<3 I really hope that you have the best day ever because you definitely deserve it! :) I can't believe we have known each other for almost 8 years now. We met in that rookies that OF introduced us and been close ever since. You were in my second ever stars even though we both got placings we didn't deserve :( All the skype chats and skype calls that we have been on <333 "He bet on YOU and not ME?" "What are you laughing at?" Oh the memories <3 I'm sorry that we don't talk as often as we once did but I hope you know that I am always here for you! <3 I hope that this day repeats itself for many more years!  I love you!" - JesseM

Happy birthday Alicia!! get blackout drunk and make bad decisions. cheers
- BostonRob_

I'm not in here much anymore but wanted to wish you happy birthday. You will always be my f2 in HG :P have a great day/year!! - fredcrugar

proud to be your dark brown weave apprentice - timberlie

Happy birthday Alicia!! I hope you're doing well and life is treating you even better. Warmest wishes and love on your birthday and always! <3 - _aria

Happy Birthday Alicia! We use to be good friends and talk quite a bit but sadly we don't anymore </3 Hope you are enjoying yourself and hope your birthday is no different enjoy it :) - AxKxAxBatman

We haven't spoken in awhile, but I remember meeting her as a noob. One of the nicest tengagers I have ever met :) - brosky17

Happy Birthday to one of the nicest women on tengaged! - teamjacz

Happy Birthday Alicia!
You are an amazing person and a loyal ally...things you dont find often on this site.  Thanks for being you!  Enjoy your day

Scott ( gbpackXLVchamps)

ALICIA!!!! You have literally have one of my favorite people on Tengaged for YEARS. I love you to death and talking to you is always so fun. You are such an icon on here and you are somebody that is always supporting me in different things on the website and I appreciate that so much. I love to chit chat with you and I truly do wish that we were closer because I think we could be very close friends. You're one of my favorite Tengaged users and I don't think that will ever change. You deserve to have an absolute amazing birthday and I hope that your birthday is as special as you are <3 Love ya girly! - brandonpinzu

Alicia <333 I love you so much girly! You are such an amazing person inside and out! We used to hate each other for some reason. But we talked and because close friends ever since! You are such an awesome mentor and always supporting me <3 I'm so glad we are closer then we were because you're awesome :D! Stay close! and Happy birthday you deserve the best on your special day! - s73100

Happy birthday Alicia <3 my oldest friend on here. I hope u have an amazing day just like u deserve :) - blitszims

happy birthday alicia! you are such a sweet person, and i will always cherish the stars we played together. I hope we stay in touch! have an amazing day - bigbrotherlover7

yaxha sucks and we both know this truth
i love you.
happy birthday queenteepee :* - lamia

Happy Birthday! Haven't talked to you in a long time, but I hope you have a great day. :) - webly

Today's not just a normal day. It's your birthday!!! Happy Birthday Alicia, I hope you have the best day ever :) I wish you lots of love and happiness. IK We aren't that close but a secret is I've always admired you for staying sane and being one of the only people like this on this crazyass website LOL. HBD again < 3 - KatarinaDuCouteau

Aliciaaaaaa! Happy Birthday my Love! It has been great getting to know you over the past year or so! You are absolutely a gem & I love chatting with you! I hope you have an amazing day & get all that you hope for! You truly deserve it!!! Kisses Bitch -A alyssab

OMG Alicia! We have had a fun ride together. When I was a sweet little noob on vockle9 I looked up to you, but the fun started on this account. We were absolute enemies in crookies, and we HATED eachother LMAO. But then I grew up and we got over it and now I absolutely adore you! I think you're iconic as hell and you're just an amazing gal. I love you and I hope you have an awesome birthday! - lemjam6

ALICIA! I love you so much. We were SLAYING in stars till they put us up together. You're so amazing <3 - dustin24688642

Aliciaaaaa! My little Brit bestieeee! I hope you have a wonderful birthday for a wonderful girl, still remember when we took on a 2v2 in Rookies and absolutely rekt them, love you lots! Xo ~ harry1210

Alicia you are a wonderful girl and you are always spreading positive energy glad you never let anyone get to you. Also you probably have the best accent in the world (British) - jayelveeisback

Hey Alicia its Bren, Happy Birthday to you!!!!! One of my best friends on the site and it will hopefully stay that way! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!! - Vindaloo

Alicia, we really need to join a crookies together soon, I miss you!! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, enjoy your day!! - bluesapphire

Alicia <3 you have been one for my best friends for a long time and i am so glad to have played and slayed so many crooks with you and i know that your birthday with be amazing since you are such a sweet and genuine person and people should love you i hope that you have a great birthday <3 Love ya! - frozenshadow09


Happy birthday Hun <3
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Happy Birthdayyyy!
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I'm so overwhelmed thank you so much acyuta! <3
Meiji do personal thank you's to all the commenters in due course too!! LOVE YOU LOVE UOU ALLL!
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Happy bday alicia!!!
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Happy Birthday Beautiful < 3
Enjoy your day!
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PrincessTeePee <3
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Happy birthday :)
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Happy birthday!
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queen happy birthday <3
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happy birthday :)
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Happy Birthday princessteepee stars 103 winner! :D
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Happy birthday Alicia!!!!
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Happy birthday! So happy to be part of this for a wonderful girl
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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy birthday!!
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happy bdayyyyyy
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happy birthday <3
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happy birthday tp
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