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  1. I finally beat Virtual Villagers
  2. Does any1 else air dry?
  3. Derrick from bb16 has been so annoying
  4. Did I mention I won a tv?
  6. Wrecking Ball is just a sex song tbh
  7. Go watch Angelina's ig story
  8. *struts like Miss Universe 2018*
  9. I still cant belive I won a tv
  10. I WON A TV
  11. Hello my name is
  12. Tengaged has been so boring lately
  13. Me: *plussed 9/12 people in frooks*
  14. These new cartridges I got
  15. I have 15 days
  16. I scored 119 full vivor time
  17. People with ugly handwriting
  18. Send it on
  19. People with mental health malfunctions
  20. I want a x-mas sweater too
  21. I'm working Christmas/New Years Eve
  22. Lmao
  23. Who pays 200 for stars
  24. My 2 unborn cousins died
  25. I hate cleaning my big house
  26. No title
  27. That scene in Grave of the Butterflies
  28. Eat your revenge rice
  29. What happened during the preview?
  30. Imagine being accidentally
  32. Phillip is in fact annoying and psycho
  34. I am tetsuo
  35. Recomend me some good anime to watch
  36. Burned at the steak
  37. I eat too much
  38. No title
  39. Stan, the dog
  40. "What if I'm the monst-"

Big Brother 20 Week 2 Ranking + Review

Jul 14, 2018 by _Adidas_

- Kaitlyn was a such a entertaining mess at first but when she started crying and feeling sorry that's when I had to cancel her. She could have just talked to Swaggy C or other people from her alliance which she created. At this point I hope she is evicted against someone from the level 6 alliance so she realized how idiotic this was for her when she was solid for f5 at that point stupid hoe.
- props to Tyler again BUT he would be higher and respected if CBS didn't already have a boner for him weren't rigging it in his favor as he's already having a TKO (CBS game show) episode on him .......
- Scottie is a fake but ig his game is more important than a friendship
- angela rachel winston jc rachel kaycee still serve no entertainment strategy or personality to the show it baffles me how people have them all in top 5 just bc they dont like the other alliance. Clearly 0 raw confessionals from them all has been production based
- rockstar is dumb thicc
- hopefully bay/faysal pull a janelle after this

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Exactly, why does everyone put Kaycee as their top 2 lmao?
Even on feeds she talks the least strategy (yes less than Angela).
You can't just say not doing anything is their strategy, that isn't laying low, that's coasting.
Sent by Birks4444,Jul 14, 2018
tagging me when you rip apart Kaitlyn, gutsy.....
Sent by Brayden_,Jul 14, 2018
I support this honestly. Great Review :)
Sent by Willie_,Jul 14, 2018
Sent by _Adidas_,Jul 16, 2018
Sent by _Adidas_,Jul 16, 2018

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