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Tengaged's Legendary Season 2 RESULTS!

Jun 11, 2022 by ZacPed

1st. The House of LaMelo rory17
2nd. The House of Slay the House Down spyder701
3rd. The House of Matteo’s Angels MatthewAlvarez
4th. The House of Glitterati C_Shizz96
5th. The House of Good Soup on a Bad Day JonMcGillis
6th. The House of Monroe Macda27
7th. The House of Secrets Girllover101
8th. The House of Pride Times_Places
9th. The House of Mo MatthewPapa
10th. The House of McQueen oswordo3

SEASON THOUGHTS: So in both seasons so far, the Houses in the BTM2 in the premiers have made it to the finals. Kind've iconic. The House of Good Soup on a Bad Day was robbed of so many wins. They were tied or one point away from a win almost every episode until their elimination.




what does GAG mean? zacped
Sent by Macda27,Jun 11, 2022
macda27 one of the judges used their Gag Flag, giving the House immunity for that week. A GAG in dark blue means they got the Gag Flag and won the challenge that week.
Sent by ZacPed,Jun 11, 2022
gotchaaa zacped
Sent by Macda27,Jun 12, 2022
YASS! We slayed!
Sent by MatthewAlvarez,Jun 12, 2022

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