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New Diva Just Apr 24, 2024
Hello, my name is NonBinaryNettie

Hello Tengaged! My name is Nettie and my pronouns are They/Them. I am so excited to play. I do not have a favorite Big Brother Player as no Non-Binary Houseguests have debuted yet.
Points: 15 1 comments
Positivity Ended The Lagvote Apr 24, 2024
Points: 14 0 comments
Is it that sweet i guess sovote Apr 23, 2024
Points: 26 1 comments
In The Lag Era Apr 23, 2024
It is incredibly embarrassing to wait 60 seconds to give me your negative points.

Here's some things you could do instead of waiting on to neg my blogs.

- Do 20 push-ups
- Make a smoothie
- Play sudoku
- Moisturize
- Call your family
- Get tested for STDs

Hope this helps! #PostivityEra
Points: 21 6 comments
Dances With A Sister Apr 23, 2024

Points: 0 0 comments
Just Ripped My Pants At Work Apr 22, 2024
Points: 22 1 comments