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Straight coworkers

Sep 28, 2021 by Weetmaster
Are taking about Drag Race and are Trixie/ Katy’s fans.

Should I come out of the closet and join the convo and explain the micro aggressions against black queens while hyping up the mediocrity of skinny white social media queens and thus perpetuating a toxic fan base of sending death threats and racial slurs primarily from skinny white twinks who like Trixie and Katya?

Or should I just eat my sandwich ?

Edit: It’s not wrong to like Trixie and Katya, I’m talking about the toxic fandom, that is all...


I wouldn’t be so sure they’re straight
Sent by Veigar,Sep 28, 2021
Tell them to go to a local drag bar and support the girls.
Or listen to Bob The Drag Queen/Monet X'Change's podcast Sibling Rivalry
Sent by Roxas546,Sep 28, 2021
@Velgar true. Never right to assume sexuality. But I’ve met their boyfriends, these are two straight women.
Sent by Weetmaster,Sep 28, 2021
Veigar my bad
Sent by Weetmaster,Sep 28, 2021
Oh my bad thought you were talking bout men
Sent by Veigar,Sep 28, 2021

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