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Mi Amor y Mi Vida

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PYNvote Oct 20, 2021
to get a song recommendation that I think belongs on your profile

spacebryce Uma Thurman, 8 Bit Remix
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I love battle ro- Oct 13, 2021
I mean hunger ga-
Alice in Wonde-
Squid Games
Points: 30 3 comments
PYN Oct 4, 2021
And I'll tell you what I see in your future

Kaylabby soon you will receive a letter from a loved one, and it will break your heart 馃ズ

biminibonboulash someone in your family is looking up to you, don鈥檛 let them down. Whatever troubles you must be persevered.

staymellow enjoy yourself while you can. New love is on the way, and your life will transform

skyler1822 the last negative feedback you received is a lie and someone just wanted to make you feel bad. Drop this person before they try this method again

2hillaireus money. Lots of it.

Survivor8 The next person to die from your past will shock you. Say I love you to all your friends and family.

Tommeh208 someone is going to rock your world in the upcoming year and you鈥檙e going to have the best honeymoon phase of your life!
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Don't even have to ask for it for me to get it Oct 4, 2021
When you see my ass in this I charge credit
Your dad drops stacks on this and don't forget it
He's tryna find my pussy pics up on Reddit
Gloss on the blunt, ain't sorry it's Fenty
Don't mean to stunt but we stuntin', plenty
End of the night and your bank account empty
Yeah, LemYanka own 2020
It's like BFF necklace
VIP guest list
Leavin' boys breathless
When we get reckless
My laugh is infectious
Roll up in a Lexus
Me and my girl
Come through
Let's get this
Points: 48 4 comments
we鈥檙e going to see a lot of Tengageders Oct 3, 2021
Still logging in well into their 30s and 40s as the world just continues to burn and we can鈥檛 do anything than pretend to escape while key stalking.

Edit: especially the ones who started here as children and this site was apart of their development
Points: 60 2 comments
Very excited for all the bets placed Sep 29, 2021
It鈥檚 my only Ts income, please don鈥檛 disappoint my gambling addiction
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