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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Oct 4, 2021 by Weetmaster
And I'll tell you what I see in your future

Kaylabby soon you will receive a letter from a loved one, and it will break your heart 🥺

biminibonboulash someone in your family is looking up to you, don’t let them down. Whatever troubles you must be persevered.

staymellow enjoy yourself while you can. New love is on the way, and your life will transform

skyler1822 the last negative feedback you received is a lie and someone just wanted to make you feel bad. Drop this person before they try this method again

2hillaireus money. Lots of it.

Survivor8 The next person to die from your past will shock you. Say I love you to all your friends and family.

Tommeh208 someone is going to rock your world in the upcoming year and you’re going to have the best honeymoon phase of your life!


Sent by Kaylabby,Oct 4, 2021
Hii xo
Sent by biminibonboulash,Oct 4, 2021
Sent by staymellow,Oct 4, 2021
sure lol
Sent by skyler1822,Oct 4, 2021
Sent by 2hillaireus,Oct 4, 2021
Sent by Survivor8,Oct 4, 2021
Sent by Tommeh208,Oct 5, 2021

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