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BS:Misfit Island: Episode Two

Jun 13, 2016 by Utsumi
Previously on Survivor:

Sixteen new survivors started an adventure of a lifetime. They put onto two different tribes, Sarmikas and Ilus. The game began as soon as they met when they were told that they would each vote one person out publicly on the spot. While Ilus came with a unanimous vote of Absol, Sarmikas had a bit more of a mixed vote with CharlotteArnold being voted out. When Absol and CharlotteArnold were told that they were not voted out, but starting their own tribe they ended up taking Dito and MrBird. While Dito was happy to leave the tribe that also gave him votes, MrBird was upset that he had left the much more physical tribe Ilus to be placed with the rest of the misfits.

With the new tribe, named Imleik, at a disadvantage with only four members, they learned that they would also be immune from the first tribal council, and that both Ilus and Sarmikas would vote another person out, with one person being eliminated and the other joining Imleik.

The Sarmikas tribe split into three factions, Shy Camilla made friends with Jourdanbaby. While Hailey and ThreeDevils also bonded. Meanwhile Coolnarwhal and rodrigues also joined forces and decided to make the first action by convincing Hailey and ThreeDevils to vote out the chatty Jourdanbaby

On Ilus, Dakotacoons became a leader on his tribe, while he enjoyed Survivor8's work ethic, he soon formed a bond with Eoin who also brought Westtemp into the mix. Leaving Crimson and Pilates finding themselves on the outs. But because of Pilate's poor showing in the challenge the tribe turned on her and voted her out.

At tribal council Pilates and Jourdanbaby faced off against each other to find out their fate, in the end, Pilates held the right to join Imleik, and Jourdanbaby was the first person voted out of Blog Survivor: Misfit Islands

15 survivors remain, who will be voted out tonight?

Sarmikas (Will always wear Orange)
JourdanBabyXoXo (Eliminated 16th place)

Ilus (will always wear Pink)

Imleik (Will always wear Green)

**Post Tribal council**

Camilla returned from tribal council, she was quite upset to have lost her friend Jourdan. And what's worse is now she felt alone. Everyone seemed to be paired off but her. It's a bit of a strange feeling....She didn't want to feel so alone.

Honestly the only reasons Hailey voted for Jourdan was out of fear. She was worried that she'd be the first person voted out....but now that the ice has been broken and she knew that she'd be able to survive a vote, she felt more confident. It was a nice feeling. She found comfort in her friend Threedevils too, which was interesting because in her real life she wasn't used to talking to guys, she went to an all girls school and didn't have a father figure in her life. It was just her and her mom. It wasn't a love connection with ThreeDevils, he was more like a brother to her. They'd tease each other and hang out. It was nice to make this new connection.

Threedevils thought things had started well for him in the game. Hailey was a kind person and They had made their first move together. He knew that he was smart, and that with Hailey, he could figure out how to make it to the end. He just needed to learn how to be a bit more talkative.

Coolnarwhal wasn't surprised at all with the vote. Honestly he was surprised that Rodrigues was nervous at all. He had always come off as confident...maybe a bit arrogant....but hey- that's the game. He knew what was best. And now that Jourdan was voted out he knew that with Rodrigues, Threedevils, and Hailey, they'd run the game to the end.

Rodrigues was always confident as well. but he knew to always be cautious. Yes, they had voted Jourdan out, but they still didn't know if she was the one eliminated....and if Jourdan was still around he had a lot to worry about. She'd come back after them. He just hoped for a miracle.


Dakotacoons found the vote easy. Pilatesgrl was weak, if she was eliminated...good. if she wasn't, she just made Imleik even weaker. But now it wasn't important because she had her own squad. Eoin, Westtemp, and Survivor8. CrimsonEnnui could suck it.

Crimsonennui had a gut feeling that he had made a mistake voting out pilatesgrl. Without her as a shield anymore he didn't have anyone to hide behind. He needed to prove himself to be a better alliance and tribe member than someone else. That person was going to be Survivor8. It's easy to hate on survivor8.

Survivor8 was happy to be part of the team. It was comforting to know that he finally fit in. Dakota and really taken him in and although he found the term "squad" annoying...he let it slide.

Eoin didn't care much for most anyone of his tribe. Dakotacoons was tolerable as a person so he seemed like someone who Eoin to really work with...but that damn Westtemp was so annoying. He wouldn't shut up. Just like a yappy dog. But Eoin knew that Westtemp only really liked to yap around him, which made Westtemp valuable. Survivor8 and Crimson really had no place in Eoin's plan. That's okay. People need to go.

Westtemp was totally prepared for the game. did you know that he gained like....15 pounds before he came out because he knew he'd totally be around for along time and didn't want to die of starvation? smart right? yeah! Oh! and he also watched the other season of Blog survivor and was totally a fan of Peccadillo she was so cute! how could you not love her?! She was so cheery! Just like him! Wowzers! and now he has new friends with Eoin and Dakota!


Pilatesgrl was scared when she was facing off against Jourdan...Honestly she thought that she would be the one to go home because she never was the lucky one. Walking to her new camp, she was hoping that MrBird and Absol would welcome her with open arms. Maybe an old Ilus majority would mean something to them? maybe she could figure out her place in the game.

**Immunity Challenge**

Sarmikas and Ilus enter to the immunity challenge and see the completely formed Imelik tribe. With their final member, Pilatesgrl. Camilla on Sarmikas is upset to see her friend Jourdan gone, but the rest of Sarmikas is happy. Ilus is fairly annoyed that Pilatesgrl survived the vote.

The challenge was a maze race in the jungle. With MrBird taking charge, Imelik was the first team to make it through, with Absol being their weakest. Hailey ended up getting lost on Sarmikas giving Ilus the edge to WIN.

SARMIKAS, you have lost immunity and will have to vote someone out tonight.

**Tribal Life**

MrBird was happy to see Pilatesgrl and was the first to approach her. It was nice to see someone from old Ilus and it really gave them something to talk about. MrBird Needed a friend, Absol was a headache to talk to much of the time but he wanted to at least pretend that they were close. But overall he felt pretty lonely, he knew he was needed on the tribe...just not liked very much.

Charlottearnold didn't mind seeing Jourdan voted out, at this point she felt like she had a good friendship with Dito and Pilatesgirl seemed like a nice addition to their team. Hopefully it wasn't going to be a divided tribe from their old didn't make sense.

Absol was loving his tribe, he knew that he was a bit weaker than the rest but he had really found a friend in Dito. They had really hit it off and to be quite honest Dito was his favorite person here.

Dito was pleased to find a friend in Absol as well. He was glad that CharlotteArnold had saved him from the other tribe because there was no way he could have fit in there but now he had his own territory to make. The outsiders was a good place for him to really make his way.

Pilatesgrl really felt like she was welcomed to the tribe with open arms, and the fact that she did well at the immunity challenge made her feel even better. Everyone was very nice and open and she really did feel part of a team. Maybe she was a misfit afterall!


Eoin was glad that he was able to pull his team together for a win. They were smart and they were strong. All he had to do was keep everyone together and they could dominate the game all the way to the end. He liked that idea.

Crimsonennui knew he had to work the game, he felt that he wasn't adjusting to fit in with the rest and had to find a place on the tribe. He thought Dakota was the best person to go to. If he could get in with Dakota, then he would have a strong place in the tribe.

Dakota really didn't care much for Crimson. He was trying too hard to be cool or something. It was awkward to watch. But on the otherhand, it was nice to see him really begging for his affection.

Survivor8 didn't see Crimson as a threat. But he still knew that crimson was smart..It was in his best interest to keep an eye on him...make sure Crimson wasn't trying to pull anything funny..

Westtemp had been working hard gathering firewood with Eoin. At this point in the game friendships were key and he had a bunch of friends! He really knew everyone liked him, you know?


To Coolnarwhal, the game was about having strong players. They needed to win challenges if they wanted to survive at all. and Hailey had really messed up. Rodrigues agreed that Hailey was the weakest member of their group and she needed to go.

When Rodrigues spoke to coolnarwhal about voting out Hailey it was a good idea, but Coolnarwhal wasn't really good at getting the fine details out. To make this work they needed to talk to Camilla to vote out Hailey. and honestly that wouldn't be an issue because Camilla was scared she'd be voted out next. Giving her a lifeline would make her such a sheep. It was kind of perfect.

Camilla felt so relieved when Coolnarwhal approached her with a plan. She needed this chance to survive and she was ready to take it....But to vote out Hailey? It seemed a bit...crazy...So she decided to play the two duos against each other. It was super risky, but if she could deflect anything towards just might save her.

Haileyy at first was surprised when Camilla told her what Coolnarwhal's plan was. Camilla was supposed to be the next vote! Honestly this wasn't okay. She was ready to blindside Coolnarwhal. She had her harpoon ready to take him out!

Threedevils wasn't so sure about voting out Coolnarwal. He was the strongest person on their tribe! He really needed to make a choice though. Does he stay with his friends (who are much weaker?) or does he keep the strength and take his chances later?

**Tribal Council: Sarmikas**

Maxiphone27 starts the topic for tribal council: what matters more? Friendship or Power? It was discussed for a long time with people not really able to make up their minds.


Vote 1: Haileyy

Vote 2: Haileyy

Vote 3: Coolnarwhal

Vote 4: Coolnarwhal

Vote 5: ....

and the second person voted out of Blog Survivor: Misfit Island....Coolnarwhal

Three votes is enough, the tribe has spoken.

Coolnarwhal and Rodrigues look shocked as Coolnarwhal walks out.

14 survivors remain. Who will win?


I was so excited for this tbh cuz i love all these Survivor Story things and then i was the very first gone :( hope theres a bring back
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Jun 13, 2016
i can already tell this season is going to be a general shitshow and im so excited
Sent by maxiphone27,Jun 13, 2016
imelik is so great hooooly shit i love us all
Sent by Absol,Jun 13, 2016
I was so scared reading this I thought for sure I was gone... Thanks for keeping me haha. I hope my character can bring it back for the next round.
Sent by Haileyyy,Jun 13, 2016
Sent by WestTemp,Jun 13, 2016
Gutted to have lost my ally hopefully if we go to tribal again someone's ready to make a move
Sent by Rodrigues75,Jun 13, 2016
I am a goddess
Sent by DakotaCoons,Jun 13, 2016
Boom! people love me... so much drama when i backstab fuckers lmao
Sent by Dito,Jun 14, 2016
Are idols in play utsumi cos I feel like I need to find one lol
Sent by Rodrigues75,Jun 14, 2016
RIP my character
Sent by coolnarwhal88,Jun 14, 2016

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