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I'm so excited for the movie "It"

Mar 30, 2017 by Utsumi
I just really hope it's not faithful to the book.


The original puts me to sleep.
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Mar 30, 2017
I saw the trailer yesterday :) looks amazing
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Mar 30, 2017
Ivy_Levan WannaBeeFriends
I think i'll like it as long as they keep out the scene when all of the kids have a gangbang in the tunnels.
Sent by Utsumi,Mar 30, 2017
Utsumi I think they will keep it out
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Mar 30, 2017
I got super nervous when I read an interview with the director saying he wanted to be "100% faithful to the book" lmao
Sent by Utsumi,Mar 30, 2017
........ this movie is literally a remake of the original which is an adaption of the BOOK.... and the author of the BOOK is helping the director and producers create the movie. Why would you want a movie about a very successful BOOK to not be like the BOOK????? Then you're just watching a random cheap Hollywood flick
Sent by Jordanxo,Mar 30, 2017

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