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BS:Misfit Island: Episode One

Jun 7, 2016 by Utsumi
Sixteen New Survivors entered onto the beach, each person had a glint in their eye and the thought of a million dollars in their head. Their host and commentator, Maxiphone27 walked up to the group of sixteen people.

"Welcome to Blog Survivor: Misfit Islands! The Sixteen of you will now begin a game of lying, backstabbing, love, and loyalty. You have randomly been divided into two tribes.:

Sarmikas (Will always wear Orange)

Ilus (will always wear Pink)

Our previous season, which took place in Japan, brings us two things. Myself, Maxiphone, and a Japanese Proverb:"

' The nail that sticks out shall be hammered down'

That is the theme of this game. With that in mind, I bring you our first twist. You are all wearing name tags, which may seem unusual. But it will be needed. Because each tribe is going to vote someone out of the tribe. You can do this based on anything you wish, but you may not speak. Everyone has a pen and paper. You will write down your vote, and we will PUBLICLY vote out the first two survivors."

One by one you will now all reveal your votes, you cannot change what you have already written down.

**First Glances Votes**

CamillaXo Votes for Charlotte. "She seems to be the oldest and possibly the weakest person. We need strength to win challenges"
JourdanBabyXoXo Votes for Dito "He seems like someone I wouldn't get along with."
Haileyyy Votes for CamillaXo "She seems really thin, she could be the weakest"
Threedevils votes for Charlotte. "She seems to be the oldest."
coolnarwhal88 Votes for Charlotte. "I don't think she'd do well in challenges"
Rodrigues75 Votes for Charlotte. "Looks like a challenge liability."
CharlotteArnold votes for Camillaxo "I don't think she'd be able to keep up with me, I may seem weaker but I am much stronger than anyone here would like to give me credit for"
Dito votes for Jourdanbabyxoxo "I just felt like we wouldn't get along.."

Four votes Charlotte
Two votes CamillaXo
One vote Dito
One vote Jourdanbabyxoxo

Charlotte, with four votes...the tribe has spoken. You have been voted out, please stand next to me. CharlotteArnold lowers her head and walks next to Maxi, as he talks to the other tribe

pilatesgrl Votes for Absol "He looks the weakest"
DakotaCoons Votes for Absol "He looks like he couldn't handle the outdoors"
Eoin Votes for Absol "I don't think he could survive outside of air condition. I think he's someone who'll give up quickly."
CrimsonEnnui Votes for Absol "He doesn't look prepared for the game at all"
MrBird Votes for Absol "I think he's the weakest member, and I want a strong tribe"
WestTemp votes for Absol "He doesn't look like he'll help around camp."
Absol Votes for DakotaCoons "He honestly looks like isn't trustworthy"
Survivor8 Votes for Absol "I agree with everyone else, he doesn't look fit to be here."

Seven votes for Absol
One vote for DakotaCoons

"Absol, the tribe has spoken, you have been voted out. Please stand next to me."

Absol walks next to Maxiphone and stands on the other side of him. Maxiphone begins to speak again:

"' A nail that sticks out will be hammered' As the two nails that stuck out, you have been hammered out of your tribes, Absol and Charlotte, but that proverb does continue... 'A stake that sticks out will be hammered, but a stake that sticks out a lot will not.' Although you have been voted out of your tribes, you both will make your own tribes."

Absol and Charlotte smile

"Now two people isn't enough to start a tribe, you both now get to choose someone to come with you to your new tribe."

Charlotte looks at her old tribe, Sarmikas, and chooses Dito: "He looks like he could use a friend"

Absol looks at his old tribe, Ilus, and chooses MrBird: "I was voted out because I looked the weakest, so I will take your strongest member to balance it out."

Dito and MrBird walk over and join Absol and Charlotte

Maxiphone begins: "Welcome Dito and MrBird to your new tribe, Imelik. Now that there are four of you on the tribe, and six on the others...That doesn't seem like a fair start....For the first immunity challenge, Imelik will be be immune while Sarmikas and Ilus compete to vote out the first person...for real!

But that's not all!

You will complete blindly in the challenge and will not know who won and BOTH tribes will go to tribal council and BOTH tribes will vote out one more person. The tribe that lost immunity will have their voted out tribe member be the first person eliminated from the game....while the tribe that won immunity will still vote out a player and they will join Imelik and become their fifth tribe member. Leaving all the tribes with five members."

Oh, and your immunity challenge...starts NOW!

**Immunity Challenge**
The tribes are separated away from each other, Imelik, who is immune, goes back to start making their camp. Sarmikas and Ilus are in a head to head challenge on their own camps as well, they need to race to an empty tub that is suspended in the air in the middle in the jungle and fill it with water to raise a flag. The first tribe to do it will not have a person eliminated.

As they compete they are shown to have finished very close to each other. CoolNarwhal and Rodrigues working well together on Sarmikas, with Jourdanbaby and Camilla lagging behind. On Ilus Pilatesgrl struggles to keep up with her tribe. The winner of the challenge is hidden.

Sarmikas (Will always wear Orange)

Ilus (will always wear Pink)

Imleik (Will always wear Green)

**Tribal Life**

CharlotteArnold is disappointed that she was chosen to be eliminated from her tribe first. Honestly she thought that all she needed to do was be a heartless bitch and just destroy everyone one by one. It was going to be a long road, but she knew that she was a TRUE survivor. She brought Dito along because he didn't vote her out, and he had received some votes as well. She was hoping that he'd be grateful for the fact that she had potentially saved him from being voted out after her. Maybe they could become good allies!

Dito wasn't excited to be taken from his tribe. CharlotteArnold just look mean, old, and weak. Although he didn't vote for her, he really did think about it...he almost did it. But now that they were together and she seemed to be making conversation with seemed like he didn't have much of a choice but to work with her.

MrBird was pissed that he was taken away from Ilus, he was the strongest, he knew that, but the rest of the tribe seemed pretty solid too. Now he's gone from Gucci to the bargain bin at Wal Mart. He wasn't happy..

Absol was humilliated that he was the first person voted out of his tribe...he thought they'd all think he was good looking and want to work with him. They didn't even give him a chance...But he'll show them. Absol was given a second chance in the game, and he was ready to take it.


Camilla didn't really like to be the first person to talk, she was rather shy afterall, but when Jourdanbabyxoxo came up to her and started chatting, it really made Camilla smile. Somehow Camilla had survived the vote and now had to survive another. Haileyy didn't seem like a person she could talk to, as Haileyy had tried to publicly vote her out earlier.

Jourdanbabyxoxo thought Camilla was something she could take advantage of. During high school Jourdan was on the cheer squad, but always made sure to be nice to uglier girls, not that Camilla was ugly or anything, but she seemed awkward. If you're nice to the awkward or ugly girls, they will do anything for you, they crave friendship. Jourdan knew she could play to that.

Hailey didn't care much for Camilla or Jourdan. Mostly Camilla kept to herself but was a strong worker. Jourdan seemed to be more interested in chatting. It was very annoying.

ThreeDevils found hailey to kind of be a bitch...but a fun kind of bitch. It was fun to make fun of Jourdanbaby who clearly thought she was running for class president. What was this girl on?

Coolnarwhal found a friend in Rodrigues, they were both hard workers and straight shooters. Rodrigues seemed to come off as a bit more friendly, but it didn't bother Narwhal at all. It was funny though, as Rodrigues and Coolnarwhal started to talk to each other a bit more. The tribe did seem to splinter into three pairs. themselves, Haily/ThreeDevils and Camilla/Jourdan.

Rodrigues pointed out the pairings to narwhal, and they figured they didn't need to treat the other tribe memebers as individuals, but as groups, and they only needed to convince one group to go against the was going to be a simple task.


Dakotacoons wasn't trash. But apparently Absol thought he was. Good riddens to Absol though. This game was Dakota's to win and nothing was going to stop that. The first few steps are always rough, but he just needed to find his footing...

Survivor8 could follow directions well, and Dakota was good at giving them. Together they spent a lot of time working on the shelter. It was nice to be on the same wavelength as someone else.

Westtemp liked the fact that Eoin didn't talk much. Because Westtemp liked to do the talking. It didn't matter that he wasn't even sure if Eoin was listening to him or not, Eoin didn't walk that was nice! Maybe if he kept talking they'd get to know each other better!

Eoin thought Westtemp was annoying, but he seemed to be stuck to him. It didn't bother Eoin much, he could tune out pretty much anything. When Eoin saw Survivor8 and Dakota working on the shelter, they came to help. Teambuilding was important, right? That's what he's read about anyway...

Pilatesgrl felt terrible about how she did in the challenge. It wasn't supposed to be this way. by falling down so many times she' singled herself out...and she KNEW that being singled out wasn't a good thing. Though she was weak and slow, she tried to best to help with the shelter.

Don't get me wrong, Crimson thought, at least Pilatesgrl is TRYING to help...but she wasn't that strong or fast. Crimson tried to keep himself with a low profile. It's funny though, yes, Pilatesgrl wasn't that good at the shelter or challenges...but Survivor8 was just about equal to one said anything about that though....

**Tribal Council**
Maxiphone welcomes Sarmikas to their first tribal council. Although they do not know if they won immunity or not, they still had to vote someone out. They talked about cliques and how survivor mirrored high school.


Vote 1: ThreeDevils

Vote 2: Jourdanbaby

Vote 3: ThreeDevils

Vote 4: Jourdanbaby

Vote 5: Jourdanbaby

Vote 6....

Jourdanbaby, Jourdanbaby, four is enough, you have been voted out of the tribe. Please stay behind, you will watch Ilus' tribal council.

**Ilus Tribal Council*

Jourdanbabyxoxo sat on the jury bench as Maxiphone began to talk. "Jourdanbaby was voted out of her tribe, as will one of you.

Ilus spoke about keeping their tribe strong for challenges, and how to best address that.


Vote 1: Survivor8

Vote 2: Pilatesgrl

Vote 3: Pilatesgrl

Vote 4: Pilatesgrl

Vote 5:....

and with four votes Pilatesgrl has been voted out. The Tribe has spoken.
"The remaining members of Ilus may go back to camp, try to get some sleep. I have some things to discuss with Jourdan and Pilates"

**The Faceoff**

After Ilus left, Jourdan and Pilates waited for Maxiphone to speak. "I have brought with me two satchels, one is Pink and one is Orange. representing your old tribes. Please take the satchel of your old tribe. Inside each satchel is a buff. One buff is green and one buff is black.

If you get the Green buff, that means you are safe and will join Imelik on their tribe with the other misfits.

If you get the Black buff, that means your tribe lost immunity and you have been the first voted out of Blog Survivor: Misfit Islands

Jourdanbaby and Pilates smile at each other and put their hands in their satchels.

Pilates screams when she sees her new Green buff. She is so excited to have survived! Maybe things will work out better on Imelik!

Jourdanbaby puts her head down with her black buff...

Maxiphone speaks "Jourdanbaby, the tribe has spoken."

"Pilatesgrl, you will be taken to your new tribe, I wish you better luck there!"

15 survivors left; who will be voted out next? Who will win?

Thoughts? Comments? What would your next move be? I love to hear from you guys, let me know what you think!


What the fuck?
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Jun 7, 2016

I feel like Imelik is going to be the most drama because it's 5 literally random people and I feel like they'll lose immunity more often than they'll win but i'm pulling for them because they're the underdogs!
Sent by maxiphone27,Jun 7, 2016
Kiririn is literally my goddess hunty. Someone from Imelik will win the season bye
Sent by Absol,Jun 7, 2016
The twist is interesting.  Imelik just needs to win to prove that we arent weak. Lol. It would be interesting if Imelik loses though.

Dito & Charlotte Were on Sarmikas Tribe
where as
Absol, Pilatesgrl, & Mrbird were from Ilus

So clearly those three have the numbers.... #BackstabCharlotte Lol
Sent by Dito,Jun 7, 2016
Good first episode really enjoyed it.
Sent by Rodrigues75,Jun 7, 2016
dito I feel like mrbird will hold a grudge against absol
Sent by Survivor8,Jun 7, 2016
Dito survivor8 has a point. MrBrid tried to vote Absol out of the game, and in turn Absol took MrBird out of a very strong tribe. The question is if they will be able to work together or not
Sent by Utsumi,Jun 7, 2016
I am kinda glad Jourdan was voted out because she was on of the people who didn't like me very much so it's better for my game. :-)
Sent by Haileyyy,Jun 7, 2016
I liked this!
Sent by WestTemp,Jun 7, 2016

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