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BB Blog Game S2 Nom Reveal/Veto Reveal #6

Nov 27, 2020 by Typhlosion37
the HOH Miarma has made their nominations!

Yawnha and Eagles3256 have been nominated!

Since eagles didn't vote last week, they can not win veto.

the other veto players are...



and Melindamrskk

the veto winner is....


please make your decision with veto ASAP!

HOH: Miarma
Initial Nominees: Eagles3256 and Yawnha
POV Winner: Arris
Final Nominees: Eagles3256 and Yawnha

1. Tester
2. turkeylover
3. Mrkk
4. AmandaBynes
5. Eagles3256
6. Arris
7. Melindamrskk
8. SparkySault
9. Letal
10. EvictionFreak
16. Yawnha
17. joaoricos
19. Miarma
20. Hong
21. Staceyxo

Votes Received: 13/13

21st: Natepresnell (11-7 against Melindamrskk)
20th: varlto (11-4 against SparkySault)
19th: Girllover101 (7-6 against Arris)
18th: joey65409 (8-7 against kingjames13)
17th: kingjames13 (7-6 against Melindamrskk)


I'm not using the veto. Sorry girls.
Sent by Arris,Nov 27, 2020
GL Eagles and Yawnha!
Sent by Tester,Nov 27, 2020

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