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  1. FS 馃槏馃槏
  2. So much for an ask 4 ask
  3. Why does everyone have their knickers in a knot?
  4. FS 馃槏
  5. 5'1" girl
  6. Survey monkey
  7. does anyone else get that urge
  8. Ripped a geno at my hockey game tn
  9. Toronto is pretty sick
  10. Can't wait to meet blitszims
  11. Can someone name all the married women
  12. thanks to whoever plussed
  13. Happy New Year everyone
  16. I'm in love with Fiona
  17. I dont usually get pissed off
  18. hoping @blitszims
  19. A robbed queen
  20. Is this a good deal?
  22. Fiona and I gonna get a hotel in toronto
  23. cant wait to see some cute british girl
  24. semajdude
  25. Nutella is the best thing
  26. Fiona
  27. Productive day
  28. Justttttttt ate breaky at 8am
  29. christmas sweater
  30. nice for what?
  31. My old bosses are so sour
  32. Thanks for the hg sponsor
  33. stars support blog
  34. Fiona is the best
  35. PYN and ill rack your relevancy
  36. Just spent 1 hour each day after work
  37. Someone post good stuff in shops :)
  38. They better make me the boss one day
  39. Stayed up til 430am last night
  40. Lmaooo

Im in love with the coco

May 16, 2018 by Tyler93


it means ur in love
Sent by Nightcore,May 16, 2018
aaaw Big Ty is in love
Sent by Arris,May 16, 2018
I don't think it's always that great to be with someone 24/7. It's good to get out to different places and mingle with different people. I'm not saying you should distance yourself from them, but maybe try and share your time with other people rather than solely depending on one person to make you happy? :)
Sent by Tommeh208,May 16, 2018
Feeling the same way 馃槱
Sent by BryanXx,May 16, 2018
Why would I be angry if I was in love? nightcore arris
I chill with a lottttt of different people. Like pretty much 4 different groups every week. I'm just not as motivated to go out with these other groups. tommeh208 and I see this other person maybe 4 days a week
Sent by Tyler93,May 16, 2018
Ohh if u need to talk im here
If u are happy with that person try to be more with ;) problem solved lol
Sent by MarieEve,May 16, 2018
aw what?! gossip?! sounds like you need to put a ring on it girl!
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,May 16, 2018

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