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  1. 4th game = 0 goals
  2. 4th ball hocks game tmrw - gift giveaway?
  3. After 25 years of scoring goals
  4. Your boyyyyyy just ripped a hattyyyy
  5. The bigger they are, the better I thrive 馃槒
  6. Glad to see this is what
  7. Lmao such a good call to
  8. The fuck........
  9. Alright well see ya
  10. Ripped three goals in my hockey game
  11. You guys can neg me all you want
  12. Biased Admin strikes again......
  13. SHIN LIM THE best act in
  14. Are Preacher Lawson and Mel B
  15. How does Fiona get 11 comments
  16. Tag a straight
  17. U Can Have It All
  18. Who wants to help me dress my avi
  19. Do we kno anyone
  20. Snow storm!!!!
  21. someone buy me
  22. Pyn for an Pocahontas opinion
  23. + If you think I'm straighter than chris
  24. goondight tengy
  25. i wish i could just break 300 in zoo
  26. Who's your favourite character
  27. Pyn
  28. the music upbeat ................ (video)
  29. i almost got stranded on the road
  30. I felt so good on the ice yesterday
  31. Am I a fat a** ??
  32. Name my favourite player
  33. nice opin
  34. Fionnmaaaaaaaaaa
  35. my friends and co-workers @ work
  36. No title
  37. I tried to invest my money
  38. 590 TS!?
  39. Sponsor me in hg plzzzzzxxxx
  40. Crappy day

Im in love with the coco

May 16, 2018 by Tyler93


it means ur in love
Sent by Nightcore,May 16, 2018
aaaw Big Ty is in love
Sent by Arris,May 16, 2018
I don't think it's always that great to be with someone 24/7. It's good to get out to different places and mingle with different people. I'm not saying you should distance yourself from them, but maybe try and share your time with other people rather than solely depending on one person to make you happy? :)
Sent by Tommeh208,May 16, 2018
Feeling the same way 馃槱
Sent by BryanXx,May 16, 2018
Why would I be angry if I was in love? nightcore arris
I chill with a lottttt of different people. Like pretty much 4 different groups every week. I'm just not as motivated to go out with these other groups. tommeh208 and I see this other person maybe 4 days a week
Sent by Tyler93,May 16, 2018
Ohh if u need to talk im here
If u are happy with that person try to be more with ;) problem solved lol
Sent by MarieEve,May 16, 2018
aw what?! gossip?! sounds like you need to put a ring on it girl!
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,May 16, 2018

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